X-Play Review:Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway

X-Play reports:

''If you've gotten swept up in the Brothers in Arms saga on the PC, Xbox, or PS2 already, then Highway to Hell will almost certainly be a welcome, if belated, addition to the series. As always, the story plays a much larger role here than in traditional shooters. This is a double-edged comment, though. Often, the cinematic sequences simply trudge on for too long, and you'll be impatiently waiting for your objectives to be laid out and the actual gameplay to start.

It's more than slightly ironic that a company rooted in creating Half-Life add-ons-a game that made almost all its cinematic moments part of the actual gameplay-has chosen to make so much of this game non-interactive. Thankfully, the writing is done well enough to make these characters and situations interesting most of the time.''

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FCOLitsjustagame3728d ago

The cutscenes are not that bad and did not seem as intrusive to me as the COD3 ones which really were just annoying.

Also I dont get the critizing of taking cover and carefully planing an attack and ordering your squads around. This is after all a TATICAL shooter not a COD or other run an gun FPS. I don't recall them having the same critizem for GRAW and RB6 which are also slow pace, take cover, crouch, shoot, order team, take cover etc type games.