Announcing Windows 10 China Government Edition - Scorpio coming to China this year

We were honored to be the first company to bring a next-generation game console to China in 2014 with the launch of Xbox One. Today we announced that Project Scorpio, the most powerful console ever, will be available this year for Xbox fans in China.

Games perform better on Project Scorpio. With 40 percent more power than any other console and True 4K gaming, we can’t wait for fans in China to get their hands on it later this year.

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UltraNova568d ago

Yes because they couldnt even register in Japan, what makes them think they can in China, a country obsseded with PC/MOBAs?

That said I see this as a step to the right direction. Xbox needs a bigger audience.

We will see how this will turn out for them.

568d ago
vikingland1568d ago

This with yesterday's news about XBL accounts getting hacked in China, it's a love / hate relationship :)

Automatic79568d ago

@vikingland1 Two different situations that share no connection.

568d ago
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