X-Play Pure Review

X-Play reports:

''Pure is best described at ATV Offroad Fury meets SSX. The basic racing is very smooth and easy to control with wide-open tracks overflowing with shortcuts and alternate routes. In fact, there are so many alternate routes on the bigger tracks that you'll want to stay near the back of the pack just to see where everyone else is going. When forks in the road whiz by at these speeds, they're easy to miss.

Each track has in abundance is opportunities for sick air. Fairly early on the game, your rider will be jumping from dizzying heights that would make an airline pilot reach for one of those little brown baggies. And it's a good thing, too, because the only way to build your boost meter is by performing trick after trick.

Tricks come in four flavors. The basic aerial acrobatics are performed with the A button (on the 360 controller), followed by the B button, the Y button, and finally (once you've earned it), the opportunity to pull off a lengthy, signature move. And each trick can be tweaked for extra points and boost. It's a very intuitive system, and one that you'll master almost immediately. Skill isn't really a requirement here – just air time.

Stunts don't just give you more boosts but more access to the field. Instead of a single track, think of each level having multiple routes that interweave with each other at various heights. By hitting that ramp just right, you'll be able to reach new and often faster areas than your opponents. Hitting it wrong will have you greeting the ground in no time flat.''

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