New Monster Hunter 3 video

A short but sweet Monster Hunter 3 video has been discovered.

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ChickeyCantor3669d ago

Everyone put your safety helmet on!

*hides in corner*

Maybe this game is gonna be my first MH...hope it has the PSO feeling.

LeonSKennedy4Life3669d ago

To be honest with you, we all wanted an improved game...with better graphics.

A PS3/360/PC version would've been nice.

ChickeyCantor3668d ago (Edited 3668d ago )

I'm not going to disagree, it would have been nice to be on the PS3( i mean it would have been awesome if this game had a system so all systems could connect to eachother....just like Phantasy star online could connect PC to CGN<>DC<>PS2

It's just that In every topic there is a huge amounts of comments whining about a PS3 release.

ThanatosDMC3668d ago

I kinda want an instant kill attack from the monsters... like getting swallowed by Lao Shan Lung... oh well, guess i played too much Mortal Kombat 3 on the SNes recently.

Nitrowolf23668d ago

i'll admit i was dissapointed that its not coming to the PS# but that still is not going to stop me from playing it.

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Panthers3669d ago

Couldnt really see how good it looks, but that sea monster was cool.

chanmasta3668d ago

... never played Monster Hunter before and this looks interesting.

Plus I have a Wii.

N4g_null3668d ago

Looks like an improvement to me... that monster animation was sweet! The video was worst than theater cam work LOL on a P2P network though. We should be getting flooded with videos soon though.

I never got into this game but they might have a new fan right here. I like action RPGs better anyway. Square needs a secret of mana on the Wii though. Some thing has to pay for that FF development bill.

TruthbeTold3668d ago

People who infer that it isn't are really just trying to say that they would like the game in HD, which of course translates into the bottom line reason for the hate. They want it on the console that they own, and resent the Wii for having it instead. Hopefully their love of the game will cause them to just buy and enjoy it for what it is rather than keep hating.

Xiru3668d ago

We all know it would have been better on PS3, that is a fact. But the fact that is on the Wii actually gives me a reason to keep mine around. :) So there are good and bad ways to look at it. The video didn't show me anything. I don't know why companies like to flash like 1-2 seconds of 20 different screens. The only thing I got from the video was you can now swim in the water, which is cool. If Capcom doesn't butcher the controls and gives us online. We might have a winner!

TruthbeTold3668d ago

The controls for this game on the Wii have far greater potential than they would if it was on the PS3. Now of course it would look better if it was on PS3, but since they are putting in alot of work this game will still look very good. If HD graphics are what's most important to you then yes, to you personally and those of the same mind the game would be better on PS3.

However, this looks far better than any Monster Hunter game so far. Not even the most ignorant and hateful HD fanboy can say that this game is ugly or unpleasant looking with a straight face. With the immersion factor potential that the Wii controller brings, to some this is the best case scenario for this time, place, and incarnation of the series.

N4g_null3668d ago

Hey since we are wishing for thing it would have been better on the PC unlimited disk space, way better graphics that the PS3 can not even pull off and a cheaper price than PS3 game with better online also and better controls. Yeah the PS3 version would have sucked pretty bad now that I think about it, it should have been PC all the way.

Hey but we don't have to worry about that because WE well most of us did not even buy a PS3 so who cares?

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