PS3 will show more power than 360 in 2009 Starting with Killzone 2 HipHopGamerShow 9/28/08

* HipHopGamer in Gamefly Commercial (Voting Starts 10/1/08)
* 360 Starting to extend the lead over ps3 again
* Nintendo Wii "Mario has met his match"
* Wipeout HD Review "Incredible"
* Much Much More Enjoy The Show

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PirateThom3701d ago

Oh lord, batten down the hatches!

issa30323700d ago

I don't get it. Graphically, the PS3 has already shown more power:

Heavenly Sword, Uncharted, Ratchet & Clank, Gran Turismo 5, Metal Gear Solid 4, Wipeout HD, Motorstorm

With many more included Resistance 2 and Killzone 2..

xhairs93700d ago

Don't get me wrong, I like the hiphopgamer, but when 7 of your 8 minute show is filled with, "chyeah, naw mean? u already knowin, gamefly w00t, gamefly you don't know, you already know cha yeah, naw mean? naw mean? shout out to 3 girls i don't even know, naw mean? off tha hook, i got dis, best thing you eva seen, cha, naw mean? dis da illest."

And then he put on his suit & tie to ask the VP of gamefly if there's any new things coming up...why not keep the suit and tie for the whole damn movie so i can understand WTF you are trying to tell me!!!!!!

Bnet3433700d ago

I have both systems and I can truly say after playing MGS4, Ratchet and Clank FToD, and the Uncharted demo, the PS3 wins hands down. I mean why is this even being discussed? Everyone knows the PS3 is a more powerful machine then the Xbox 360. That doesn't mean the Xbox 360 doesn't have awesome looking games like Gears, Mass Effect, BioShock, Viva Pinata, etc. That also doesn't make the PS3 the better console even if it's more powerful. We all know in the end it comes down to the games you like.

TheXgamerLive3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Never ever has the ps3 shown any type of superiority ever to the Xbox 360.

Not Graphically, not online or Multiplayer modes, not in DLC nor well anything really. With that being said the ps3 is ok and will get better but no, it will always be a click or two below what the Xbox 360 can do, that's already been what's proven here. But many of you will continue walking and talking blindly, in fact if you'd quit the crap you'd see that both systems are great and are fun, so shut the lies and just play and enjoy:)

dantesparda3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Ever since you got the PS3 you'vre been acting strange. But Im glad to see that you're enjoying your PS3. I think both systems are about the same. And people need to stop all this hating with each. What people dont seem to understand, is that we are all brothers, we are all brothers in arms, we are all gamers.

And XGamer, just so you know, Kigmal used to be a 360 fanboy, so he's not some ultra PS3/Sony fanboy.

xhairs93700d ago

I disagree, the PS3 has shown some superiority, where does the xbox help cure diseases? Where is the blu-ray? If you to get technical it can show superiority. If you think your xbox can be superior to the ps3 show me, I must not be seeing it. The only superiority I see as of right now is the fact that you can cross-game-invite, and that's really it. Avatars are not impressive, and fall way short of even matching Home. Blades are a horrible way to show, "next-gen", and as far as I'm concerned this one is over.

It's not about being a fanboy but when you defend the 360 against the ps3 at least put some sort of evidence to it or a reason behind it. Otherwise, you, are the blind one.

FF7numba13700d ago

ARE YOU SLOW? I understand dude perfectly. You need to get out more man and understand people speak differently depending where they live. He speaks slower than the average new yorker and his clarity isn't bad.

xhairs93700d ago

Unfortunately for some of use we don't have the luxury of living in NY/Boston etc. All we have around here are wanna-be gangsters who still can't talk as good as this guy.

I'm not saying his show is bad I watch his shows and read up on his site more than I do any other sites. I understand people talk differently but if we can't understand some times what are we to do? I like his shows and the way he does his interviews more like a normal human being but at the same time, I still don't understand what he's saying.

Why don't you think outside the box for once? We don't all get the luxury of hearing different languages.

mikeslemonade3700d ago

The 2008 PS3 lineup is visually better than whatever the 360 has in 2009. The 360 games keep looking worse and worse. Don't believe me? You had NG2, then too human, then L4D, and then fable 2(yes whether you xbox zealots believe or not the game looks sub-par). It's really simple if you want to experience new gameplay and improving graphics buy a PS3. If you just want the samething over and over again stick with your 360.

Peter Griffin3700d ago

Hip Hop gamer show?

Man i shouldve brought Cleveland

INehalemEXI3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Warhawk actually showed graphics superiority a long time ago. Look at the water when you fly low. and the clouds are amazing too. The whole game has a solid feel and frame rate and reaks of quality textures, AA etc. The gameplay is one of a kind too. If they had a single player campaign it would not of been so underated.

Its crazy because the more time you spend with it the more you notice just how good it looks and how smooth it plays for such fast paced action. Its near flawless.

jlemdon3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

this is funny because I have both and I don't see what PS3 only owners are saying???

MGS=Splinter Cell
Double agent

Rachet and Clank<Banjo Kazooie 2


Heavenly Sword=Too Human:P

GT5>only by a hair to PGR4

I just don't see what u guys are talking about???

GameDev3700d ago

big waste of time, I still say that the 360 GPU has a serious pixel shading limitation. anyone with any experience in graphics will see it right away. Colors are muted, edges are not well defined, u see pixelation like a mofo on most 360 titles, tearing, frame drops, you name it. The machine is a bloody mess IMO.

karlostomy3699d ago (Edited 3699d ago )

Eurogamer has done 14 (count 'em) comparisons of multiplat titles, each with 5 or more multiplats compared, to make a total of over 60 games compared.

What was the score?

360: 14 wins
ps3: 0 wins

The evidence shows that
The PS3 is just not all it's cracked up to be.
At best it matches the competition!

And that ain't fanboyism... it is just the truth!

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Shane Kim3701d ago

"PS3 will show more power than 360 in 2009 Starting with Killzone 2" LOL. It allready have last year with Uncharted and furthermore with GT5:P and MGS4. And more is heading in form of R2 and Motorstorm PR.

angry_xbot3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Unlike the 3rd60, the PS3 has plenty of top hitters.

Feb - Killzone 2
March - InFamous
Check this out: http://forums.gametrailers....
March - WKC
May/June - Tekken 6 Bloodline rebellion
Summer - EyePet, MAG
Fall - Heavy Rain, Gran Turismo 5, Project ICO
Winter - God of war 3, Final Fantasy 13, Possibly Uncharted 2

Its going to be MURDER, I guarantee it. 3rd60 is FLOP. It has nothing after Gays at war 1.5, nothing but a bunch of overhyped pieces of trash.

And mark my words, Gears of war 3 for the PS3!

So remember people, IT SUCKS TO BE AN XBOT!

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi3700d ago

* The xBox 360 is Still SH*T

The End;)
Tune in Next week!!! ;-D

SirKenKutaragiShow 9/28/08;)

GiantEnemyLobster3700d ago

Sony sony sony.. why wait so long to show the PS3's "true power"? If you guy were smart, you would have shown it instantly like Microsoft did with Xbox 360. So lol, when this 'true power' is revealed.. Xbox will show you up as usual and knock you back into the water. Shame sony, shame.

Stryfeno23700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Why blame Sony? They just trying to get paid. It's the droids that fell for the lies.

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360 man3701d ago

tell that to the people making ferrari project (xbox 360 exclusive) that has visuals superior to gran turismo 5 prologue

PirateThom3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Heh, no it doesn't.

If you look at the screenshots, they use this horrible vaseline filter that makes everything look blurry. The screens aren't remotely as sharp as Prologue's visuals. Maybe in motion it'll look better, but the screenshots aren't really that impressive.

And to prove I'm not just making this up:

Ferrari Project does have better rear view mirror's though, but like these screens, Prologue is a work in progress for GT5.

Jeromejones3701d ago

of all the ps3 is already showing more power then the 360.
Secondly this game ferrari project's publisher, 10tacle has gone bankrupt so theres a great likelihood it could be released by another publisher who could end up making it mulitplat.
Thirdly this game wont run in 1080p and 60fps and with 16 cars on track like GT5p, therefore allowing this game to up the gfx bar. Fourthly this game is unknown and the devs history is not that promising, i bet it will end up with mediocre scores as these types of company specific racing games usually do.
Finally the quote which siad it was better then GT5 graphically was from some nobody from an unknown website.

thenickel3700d ago

There not showing more graphical power then the 360 yet but in 2009 MS has to counter KZ2 which at this point remains to be seen if that will ever even happen.

VF34EJ253700d ago

The question is, will this "ferrari project" have a 1280x1080 resolution? Not likely.

MNicholas3700d ago

The 360 Ferrari game has visibly lower polygon counts than even Forza 2, which is saying something.

Resolution is lower than Forza 2. 1000x563 for in-game and 900x506 (marginally more than DVD resolution) for replays. GT5 Prologue is 2 1/2 times the resolution!

Lighting appears far better than Forza 2 in replays but in-game lighting is a little bit better than PGR4. However, even the replay lighting falls far short of GT5 Prologue, which can be photorealistic.

Frame-rate? Probably 30fps but it's not confirmed. GT5 Prologue is 60fps.

The lighting in replays is very good but they had to cut the poly-count, resolution, and possibly the frame-rate as well to get that level of quality in replays. The in-game lighting is completely different from the replays and is nothing special.

JOLLY13700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

The Ferrari game is a ps3 exclusive. Calm down everybody. and gt5p looks way better than it. They are both exclusive to the same system. The website that stated there is a ferrari game coming from SImbin is incorrect. THe pictures that they showed you are from Race Pro. It is a 360 exclusive and it has Ferraris in it. It has many other types of car though.

No Way3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

Honestly, I actually like the second picture better.. But, the game play will more than likely go to GT.

360 man3700d ago

lool you know so little

ferrari project is not race pro its a completely diffefent game created by blimey and exclusive to 360 and pc. its not even on ps3

for goodness sake jus read this:

JOLLY13700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

I went to Blimeys website and found out you were right. I got a little confused. There are just so many great racing games coming to the 360 it is hard to keep them straight. I am now even more excited. Seriously though, you can try and say things in a little more constructive manner. Also, just because someone posts something on a website does not make it true. Make sure you fact check your information. This time the website was right, but next time they may not be.

juuken3700d ago (Edited 3700d ago )

...Tell me this guy did not mention GT5Prologue...*blinks*
I'm sorry 360 man but GT5Prologue would um...kill that game. And when the full version comes out, I'd hate to see what will happen to the rest of the racing games...

mikeslemonade3700d ago

HAHA ferrari project? Since when has a racing game that has only an exclusive brand of a car been successful? The game is lucky to get a 7 out of 10 at the most.

Narutone663700d ago

just like every Xbox games. Only on a CRT TV. Try it on an full-HD TV and you can see the difference. You do need glasses if you say otherwise.

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360 man3701d ago

if this was the case shouldnt the developers for bioshock have been able to make the ps3 version run 1080p 60 fps with more graphical detail

and shouldnt the ps3 version of soul calibur 4 easily be running at higher resolutions than the 360 version

TrooGamer3701d ago

None of those games mentioned are exclusive..get over it already/

Killzone is going to be immense and the beta testers are ALL agreeing.

Maybe you should get a PS3 and stop being such a bloody fanboy

cliffbo3701d ago

gawd... it's called 'can't be bothered to put the effort in' or 'easy money'

dkgshiz3700d ago

So they try to keep all versions of the game eye to eye. Very easy stuff here.

dukadork3700d ago

you can keep your crappy ports, we don't give a biofock
we got Resistance2, we got LBP, we got WipeoutHD and these killer games don't have to compromise with sh!tty hardware.

POS360 is full of sh!t

N4g_null3700d ago

@TrooGamer hey none of those games are exclusive yet deveil may cry came out on both and capcom easily upped the detail on the PC version because
A) the PC is more powerful.
b) There is no special way to code the PS3 that will not help the xbox 360 simple because the SPUs are very week.
c) it is a stale mate with fans claiming the power will appear.

I'm waiting for a developer to say this now.... I wonder who is going to stand and beat their chest and claim that they will exploit the true potential of the PS3?

You see even capcom wants their devil may cry to look the best it can and it shows because they did exactly that on the PC version.

The whole lead console thing makes no sense any more. These companies are fighting to even get noticed now that you guys are starting to get use to HD graphics. These same thing happened to PC games.

Now the power will be in the hands of the artist and what they can create. If you can not see that these two machine are as alike as two different PC from different manufactures then you are just being a fanboy.

SONY wanted to try some thing radically different but it ended up being half baked.

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random67890123453701d ago

that is true it could but it was stated by the devolpers of bio shock that they wern't going to look it up on games radar and there is a quality differnce on soulcab also on games radar look it up good site