The 10 Must Buy PC Games of Christmas

With Christmas rapidly approaching, gameplayer has assembled a countdown of the 10 must buy games on PC. Which ones will you get?

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Agent VX3704d ago

A few games on that list look good. Have to say, most likely will get Starcraft 2, though, if they infect it with all this new DRM, I think I will quickly get out of PC gaming.

EA draconian methods of DRM on all their new PC games will make me boycott their products on the PC and the 360 and PS3. I haven't bought Madden 09 or NHL 09 because of this, and will not purchase any other games from them.

And if other companies follow, I will simply get out of gaming period. I have a few old games like Civ 4, Medieval 2 and Company of Hero's that will keep me for a long long while.

omni_atlas3704d ago

This fall I'll be getting

Little Big planet, Left 4 Dead, Mirror's edge, and Call of Duty 5.

For Mirror's edge, and COD5, I can't decide if I should go for the PC version of the PS3 version -- I'm edging towards the PC because of the cheaper prices, but you never know with the stupid DRM they put on these days.

EA is actually DRIVING me to pirate their stuff.

TheIneffableBob3704d ago

COD5 shouldn't be too bad with the DRM. I'm guessing it'll be like COD4 and just be a CD-key check.

Mirror's Edge, on the other hand, I'm not sure of.

GFahim3704d ago

fifa 09 should replace pes 2009

Mclovin963704d ago

The more i see about fallout 3 the more excited i get for that game.

DarkArima3704d ago

Mmmm..i don't see Baldur's Gate 1&2 on this list!(best rpgs ever made)
Just kidding lol..(no not kidding about the Baldur's Gate is the best rpg ever made part.)
Anyways looks like a good line up if you ask me. :3

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