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Deck 13's follow up to "Lords of the Fallen" is more sci-fi than its inspirations. With a brutal difficulty and a "Dark Souls" inspiration, does it succeed, stutter, or completely fall apart?

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149d ago
ziggurcat149d ago

I have yet to get this game yet, but I'm pretty sure that it doesn't deserve the score this reviewer is giving... unless it's a completely broken, bug-ridden, unplayable mess, 2/10 is an inappropriate score.

dreue149d ago

Dude i got the game,and im really digging it =) it is way way better then a 2/10 for me it is close toa 8/10 or even 9/10 lost in the game but still getting to new areas ahahah so it is good =)

MatthewOwen149d ago

I really advise people to read the full text and not just the score. I'm glad you're enjoying it, dreue! I really enjoyed the limb-lock system combat and the level design.

EddieNX 149d ago (Edited 149d ago )

Im 10 hours in and so far its 7.5 or 8 for me. Theres lots of unique things going on on top of the fact that its a souls clone, the gameplay and level design is close to souls in quality and the visuals are good. No way is it any lower than a 7. Im enjoying it.

MatthewOwen147d ago


No, I have not. The bug in question prevents you from progressing past the fourth boss. I plan on finishing it as soon as the patch is approved on all platforms.

The patch was originally supposed to release a week ago, but a new update from Deck 13 looks to be this week. The current 2/10 is 100% due to the fact that the bug CANNOT be bypassed by reloading an older save, etc.

Once you get the bug, you're screwed until the patch. Pretty lame deal. I look forward to finishing it next week (if the patch releases).

MatthewOwen149d ago

I hope you take the time to read the text. It is currently broken, with a gamebreaking bug at 21 hours in. I will update the score once the patch is live and I am able to complete the game. It's a review of a subjective experience.

Same exact thing happened with Prey over at IGN. Was awarded a 4, later updated to an 8.

dreue148d ago

well sorry but now i understand,one question did you manage to keep playing the game? because that bug can be frustrating.But ok a 2/10 because of a bug i can relate to that.hope it is fixed.cheers

ThatNintendoStar149d ago

Seems like this reviewer is after those delicious hits. Stupid score.

MatthewOwen149d ago

Read my above comment to ziggurcat. I think that a 2/10 is fair for a $60 product that may not work, depending on your luck. Low end of a 10 point scale usually indicates a major issue or playability problem. In this case, it's a bug that stops progression completely.


There's a 100% chance that the bug gets patched – so why rush a review? Just warn of the break, and say the review is on hold. Sorry, but that seems click-baitish.

MatthewOwen149d ago


I agree with you there, the bug will most likely get fixed. I did write an article detailing the bug and tracking the patch release for it. That was separate from the review.

However, I'm about 85% of the way through the game and have a decent idea of my feelings. Enough to warrant a review of the experience. I happen to score my "reviews-in-progress" ;. I was going to do the same thing when I encountered a game break in Prey, but I was able to surpass it by reverting to an older save, thus allowing me to finish the entire game.

If the 2/10 score is click-baity, I didn't intend it as so. It's an accurate representation of my experience with the product. A decent game that's broken in a bad way.

The score will get updated when the review gets finalized. Unless N4G doesn't allow that.

MatthewOwen149d ago

For clarification, the score is reflective of a game breaking bug that is (as of this moment) is not universally patched. There are a few reports of additional game breaking issues, but I can only confirm the one I am encountering.

Score will be updated when the patch that fixes my bug is released universally.

Princess_Pilfer149d ago

I understand, but I wouldn't bother to explain it. Anyone who's obsessed with a score instead of what you actually have to say about the game, and anyone who thinks there is an objective measure of the quality of the experience the game provides, is either 12 or stupid and either way they're not worth paying attention to.

MatthewOwen149d ago

Eh, I like to think of every comment as a somewhat intellectual person. No one has outright called me any names or been incredibly rude.

I am appreciative of those who spend the time to read my opinion, even if they don't agree with it. I've explained myself as much as reasonable for the situation, it's ultimately up the reader whether or not my opinion plays into their decision.

houyi111149d ago

I havent played this game yet, but I talked to my friend who got a review copy on PC. He pointed out a few negative things about the game, like story is bad, bland open level design, some combat encounters are too unfair, and a little too short etc. However, he said the overall game is much better than lords of the fallen and he gave the game 7/10. So, it seemed that the reviewer here experienced tons of game breaking bugs, which IMO not a surprise given how many times lords of the fallen crushed and bugged out on me, but I think my friends review is more on point... well at least if you are lucky enough without these bugs and crushes.

MatthewOwen149d ago

For the most part, I agree with your friend's opinion. Unfortunately, my copy (and others') are currently broken.

In my opinion, a game breaking bug is a huge issue, especially when multiple save slots aren't a feature.

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