Sony Comments on Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio Competition; PlayStation VR Price Cuts and More

Sony Interactive Entertainment Deputy President Tsuyoshi Kodera talks about competition against the Nintendo Switch and Project Scorpio, PlayStation VR, PlayStation Now and more.

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Septic573d ago

"He mentioned that, while he cannot comment on competitors’ strategies, the market will be “activated” thanks to the presence of competing consoles. "

That's all he said. Not really saying much

SpaceRanger573d ago

Sounds like a healthy overall gaming market to me. Currently and in future tense as well.

The rest of the article only supports that fact.

Eonjay573d ago

Honestly, yes! Sony understands that the market is more than just themselves and that in order for it to remain healthy, their needs to be players investing in it. There is a deeper wisdom here about how one survives in a world full of hostile markets. Sony keep the market from contracting from last gen and hopefully Microsoft and Nintendo can help Sony top last gen when all is said and done.

Brugal572d ago

Best time to be a gamer in my humble opinion.

AspiringProGenji573d ago

You were expecting them to be scared weren't you?

Septic573d ago

Huh? No just some sort of comment about the Scorpio. The headline was a bit misleading. He just made a general statement.

donthate572d ago

No, but were you?

You know, scared?

darthv72572d ago

you got to admit Genji that the headline was rather gamingbolt-ish in making it seem like there would be more than just the simple blurb that septic quoted.

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monkeyDzoro573d ago

Well, one could objectively say... that it is a LOT MORE than what "some" competitors say.

trooper_572d ago

Why are you trying to over analyze it then?

Septic572d ago

I'm questioning the wording used for the title in this article.

wonderfulmonkeyman572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

To me, it sounds like he's smart enough to acknowledge the importance of competition.
I think that's saying more than enough.
I wouldn't be surprised if he owns, and probably likes, every competing console, which is far more than I can say about some gamers that don't even own more than one, and make numerous bland excuses for it, despite being perfectly capable of saving up.

XanderZane572d ago

He said the obvious. Nothing that really required a article for it. Even Mr. Kodera saying they want to increase PSPlus and PSNow service subscriptions is pretty obvious. We didn't need an article on N4G for us to know that's what they want to do.

gangsta_red572d ago

It's not an answer at all.

blawren4572d ago

Further proof that the console war is only here, not with the actual console manufacturers. We should all have this approach to respect the healthy market that all competitors provide.

3-4-5572d ago

* Sony & Microsoft are both happy to see Nintendo doing well again and Sony would actually like to see Microsoft doing better than it is even......believe it or not.

These companies need each other and help maintain the balance. The Force needs to be balanced.

Nintendo just brought back a little balance to the Force.

It's good for all of us. More games...more game ideas...more new the end We all win.

UCForce572d ago

Well, we do need competition.

1Victor572d ago

@Septic he gave a short and respectful answer or should he had gone Aaron Greenberg style and brag how Sony is in the lead and the other companies got garbage systems out

Septic572d ago

I'm not critiquing him at all. It's the author of this article and his headline.

Christopher572d ago

It's the most pointless thing mentioned. I hope we all know that competition breeds better results for the customers.

At least the VR info was relevant.

rainslacker572d ago

Yeah, but realistically, it'd be the thing that most people would be interested in with everything that he did say.

Was pretty generic investor relations speak though. I suppose some stuff could be gleaned from it, but the discussion of the Scorpio talk would be the only thing I'd care to discuss since the rest was mostly known, or revealed in other articles. Not much there to really read between the lines on though.

Xb1ps4572d ago

Well... he also said in a sense... that he wants to maintain the 25 million subscribers... as a posed to "growing" the business... to me that scream is loud considering that I work for a company that focuses on growing the company and that's good and all but they often forget the ones that got them to a position of growing... so they tend to lose who they got to gain that one more...

I really liked that answere, it really hit home for me... tired of the let's grow with out a firm grip of what you have.

rainslacker572d ago

What more could he say though? Obviously new consoles helps the market. It may or may not help Sony, but since he doesn't know his competitors strategies, or how they'll be received, it's hard to say how it would affect Sony.

Septic572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

I question the value of a very generic sgatement and the need to make an article about it. The title alludes to something more substantial but he made a general statement about new consoles not specifically the two consoles mentioned. As Christpher said above, he just stated the obvious but yeah, at least the VR stuff was relevant.

Quite simply, the author of this article alludes to a lot more substance in the title than is present in the article itself.

rainslacker572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

It's the thing in the article which I find would likely be most interesting to anyone around here, at least for discussion. Non-statements are only unacceptable around here when they're no-comment type things. Personally, it's really what every exec would say, although some throw in their own marketing twist on it. But that's usually only when it comes to interviews and addressing the consumer directly, not investor meetings.

I think most sites would have probably done the same thing, whether it's kosher or not is kind of moot since it's not actually a false title. Technically, he didn't comment on switch or scorpio, but more on it's relation to the market or PS overall, but that's kind of overqualifying for a headline.

Inzo572d ago

its quite clear and straight to the point if you read the article, Phil Spencer on the other hand says a huge amount without really saying anything.

C-H-E-F572d ago

How is Septic's account still active? I really just don't get it why isn't he banned from the WWW period?

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SpaceRanger573d ago

Focus on PlayStation in the core market place, continued VR support for new experiences, future strategies for adjusting VR prices, utilizing feedback, maximizing sales, enhanced and refined focus to streaming while also providing an extended life to successful exclusives IPs...all while maintaining a large user base over the competition.

Sony is firing on all cylinders! They're gonna take E3 and this year AGAIN! It really does sound like a healthy gaming market.

Bigpappy572d ago

The quickest and best way to bring the price of VR down is to allow 3rd party devices.

SpaceRanger572d ago

That wouldn't do anything to benefit sony or the price. Why? Because Sony is and will be the only company to provide VR to all of its consoles.

That in itself puts PSVR above the competition in access for all of its consumers.

FallenAngel1984573d ago

"Last, but not Least, Kodera-san mentioned that the introduction of PlayStation 4 Pro was aimed to achieve upgrade sales among core users and also gain new users."

I really can't think of a lot of people who wouldn't have gotten a PS4 if there weren't a Pro model.

WickedLester573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

Agreed. Despite owning one myself (hypocritical, I know), I thought the Pro was completely and utterly unnecessary. But I'm a slave to tech, what can I say?

Orbilator573d ago

And I'll by a Scorpio to, notcoz I like xboxbut because its the latest lool x still could then do a smash my scorpio video or auction it off for charity

wonderfulmonkeyman572d ago

I'll likely be getting an original PS4 on the day Kingdom Hearts 3 releases, assuming I get enough savings scraped together by then, but I'll skip on a Pro unless there's a decent mark-down by that time.

XiNatsuDragnel573d ago

Good, this is a healthy mindset Sony

573d ago
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