Update: Slim 360 Rumours

Talk Xbox writes: "... Yesterday we reported that a couple of sites, one based in India, are reporting that Microsoft plans to release a slim 360 model.

So far, the validity of these reports have been brought into question due to the lack of specific sources, however the author of the Split-screen article made a public statement over N4G..."

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*_*3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

((i knew it was fake microsoft will need a loan from sony to make another xbox they are going broke because zune windows vista and the xbox 360 are doing so poor))

militant073701d ago

Microsoft's Profit ▲ US$ 17.681 Billion (2008)

Sony's Profit ▲ US$ 3.694 Billion (2008)

You should check, before you talk sh*t.

GiantEnemyLobster3701d ago

It will be K.O. to the PlayStation 3, so Sony, don't hold your breath on beating Xbox this gen, it just won't happen!!!

angry_xbot3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Thats what the PS3 SLIM is going to look like.

The 3rd60 SLIM will look like a piece of trash (if its real at all). Funny how stupid xbots use a PS2 SLIM model and painted it white. You know, 3rd60 is not from the Playstation family.

I know you all want the 3rd60 to be like the PS2, but the PS3 is already taking that role. 3rd60 is FLOP.

And the slim version is not going to be much "slimmer" at all. Its not even going to look like that picture, the stupid xbot posted above. NOT AT ALL. THATS A PS2 SLIM MODEL, frikkin idiots.

*_*3701d ago

((and dont you think they should focus on getting rid of the rrod before focusing on the new xbox experience))

*_*3701d ago

((because i will never buy a console that has a 100% failure rate))

Gam713701d ago

I don't think anyone would but whats that got to do with rumours of a slimmer console?

Shadow Man3701d ago

OMG a slim 360 would be awesome. Specially with the smaller chips, ending the RROD problem.

random67890123453701d ago

the ps3 slim will be sweet as hell

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The story is too old to be commented.