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Submitted by unamed08 2617d ago | news

Sony's Secret game will be revealed at TGS 2008

In its latest issue, the Official Playstation Magazine reveals in a text at the top of the HOT part under the 'Gut Reaction' section the following:

"Sony's super-sexy secret game to be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show in October. We're ready with the big words."

A scan of the page has been added here, see it by clicking on images. (Industry, PS2, PS3, PSP)

Update See the scan here:

Another clearer scan here:

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dro  +   2617d ago
i hope they show us real game play and not cgi footage.i was a bit let down at e3 when thay showed us cgi of m.a.g and god of war3

and show us some god of war 3 game play footage at TGS.
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Le-mo  +   2617d ago
This better be Team ICO's game or I'm suing for wrongful overhyping. >:(
Cartesian3D  +   2617d ago
agreed.. but
showing gameplay footage of a game that far from release wasnt fair.. anyway there is no excuse now, PS3 is in second year of its life and soon it will be on third one, and all games must be reaching 90% of the graphic quality in early development cycle..

@1.1 lol , Im with you bro . I want to see sth HUGE, and Team ICO is the only developer that knows HOW TO MAKE BIG THINGS
fishd  +   2617d ago
Team ICO's game
hands down,prepare to be shellshocked!
CrazzyMan  +   2616d ago
i wonder how many exclusives there are for 2009..
1) infamous
2) wardevil
3) gow3
4) heavy rain
5) ico3
6) ffxiii(japan)
7) kz2
8) naughty dog game likely(Jak and Daxter i think or U2)
9) ninja theory game aslo very possible
10) mag
11) wkc
12) and maybe even GT5
13) every year game from insomniacs
14) Yakuza 3
15) Tekken 6
16) eyepet

AND there is something else left for 2009? Amazing..

+ rumored
17) Hardware 2
18) Tears of Blood
19) Twisted Metal
20) Turrican from factor 5
ExcelKnight  +   2616d ago
Here's hoping for Suikoden 6 or Monster Hunter PS3 (I know 3 went to the Wii).

Perhaps even Monster Rancher 6.
cliffbo  +   2616d ago
it was confirmed that the MAG vid used in game assets... please don't ask for a link it was a while back now
aftrdark21  +   2616d ago
How about
A Syphon Filter The Omega Strain Sequel for PS3... Loved that game!
gaffyh  +   2616d ago
I don't think this game is from Team ICO, cos we know ICO 3 is coming. This is something we have no idea about
whoelse  +   2616d ago
'The BBC Reporter Game'?
TheDude2dot0  +   2616d ago
It's obvious that it is Shadow of the Colossus sequel.

"We're ready with the BIG words."

Obvious much?
MazzingerZ  +   2616d ago
Mrs. Pac-man Deluxe Edition or PONG 2010 LOL

It's not team ICO's game but I surely expect to hear some news about Team Ico's next game, anything else is a plus!
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N4U  +   2616d ago
Am I the only one who's giddy?
I just took a bunch of sleeping pills - I lost count of how many after I downed the first bottle - with monsieur Jack Daniel's (80 proof FTW!). Suffices to say, I'm feeling a bit dizzy for the time being. I feel good. I may be a little high, but the world is definitely spinning.

Oh, looky here. We have a secret game that's to be announced at TGS? That's, like, later this month, right? Cool...I guess.
BattleAxe  +   2616d ago
Syphon Filter is one of the last major PlayStation exclusives yet to be anounced for the PS3, so it could be this game.

@Aftrdark21: I'm not sure what you're talking about when you say that Syphon Filter Omega Strain was awesome. It was the worst game in the entire franchise and the controls were just terrible. The best Syphon Filter games were on the PSP.Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror and Syphon Filter: Logan's Shadow were awesome games.
Homicide  +   2616d ago
Team Ico is a given. Dark Cloud 3 could be a possibility. Level-5 did say to stay tune to TGS for more surprises.
Liquid_Ocelot  +   2616d ago
R* SECRET game that ppl thought it was L.A. Noire and then Sony said it wasn't?
sinncross  +   2617d ago
This better not be ICO3... we all know its coming, be something we don't know.

Personally Sony need to be big at TGS.
White Knight Story, FF13, Versus 13 all need to be there... ICO3, those 3 cellius projects have to be show, i mean, what happened to them.
Also what was this tears of Blood title rumoured to be a PS3 exclusive... maybe this is that?

Regardless, Sony must also start getting on the JRPG bandwagon... do a second Legend of Dragoon or something...

oh, please announce something new for PSP!!! and show off Patapon 2 and loco Roco 2 for goodness sake.
mfwahwah  +   2616d ago
Our Tales game needs to be announced.
N4U  +   2616d ago
across the board Sinncross.

I would be a very proud PS3 owner with that TGS, fo sho!
juuken  +   2616d ago
I agree as well.
The PS3 needs some super heavy hitters at TGS.
dro  +   2617d ago
i think it might be ico new game, after all sony cant keep that game a sceret for long, it has to be shown one day!!!
Cartesian3D  +   2617d ago
Bet anyone ..!
Team ICO project ..

(I said the exact same comment on other thread,but the thread disappeared)

:P .. I cant wait for SotC2 or ICO2 ..
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MrSwede  +   2617d ago

That one failed cause it was from a forum.

On topic: I hope you're right :)
mastemikegee  +   2616d ago
it's not SoTC2 or ICO2 since they're both connected. it'll be called something else and it'll be the third in the series. and i'm not talking about the secret game, i'm just talking about what the follow up from Ueda will be.
mfwahwah  +   2616d ago
Thing is, we all know that Team ICO is making a game, so it's not a secret. The scan also says "super-sexy secret game." Trico just doesn't fit that bill for me.

And if it were Trico, then why didn't they just say "Team ICO revealing their new game" instead?
belal  +   2617d ago
i know what it is!
it is mgs5 !!!!!!!!!!!! tatatata!

nah i dont no what it is
angry_xbot  +   2617d ago
This TGS will be explosive!
New WKC information
New Team ICO game
Another secret PS3 game being revealed for first time

More information about superior FFVS13
Im also expecting info about FF13 but that is now a generic game. So dont have your hopes up.

PS3 is set to dominate Japan this holiday season with LBP, WKC, HOME and more!

Its like Steiner said: We got some BAD news for you stinking xbots out there. We are set to DOMINATE and it aint gonna be pretty for you.
Hahaha PS3 has some solid titles in development and they are ROCK SOLID SMASH HITS.

It absolutely SUCKS to be an XBOT, people.
2) DVD
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sunnygrg  +   2617d ago
Prepare to be amazed come October at the Tokyo Games Show.

**Please let it be a JRPG.
Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2616d ago
'Sony's super-sexy secret game to be revealed at the Tokyo Games Show in October'
LBP2!!! ;-D

PS3 is starting to KILL everything in it's way!!! ;-P
This year - MGS4 + WipeOut:HD + LBP + Risistance 2 + MotorStorm 2 + HOME + In-Game XMB(Hmm no one moans about that now!!!) + DS3 pad + Trophies...etc etc...

PS3 is the FUTURE!!!;)
angry_xbot  +   2616d ago
2008 is going to be a murder year.
Just when Xbots thought they survived 2008, 2009 is going to be even more of a bloody murder.

Yes, folks. PS3 is UNSTOPPABLE!

Check this out. Another Triple A for the PS3, march 2009.
Shane Kim  +   2616d ago
I want InFamous so bad it's not even funny. Anyway, killer year for PS3 and it'll continue to kill next year.
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dukadork  +   2616d ago
amazing time to own a ps3!
just had a megaball with wipeoutHD last night, LBP just around the corner, R2 looks amazing, MS2, Home... it's coming up on all fronts.

what a sh!tty time to be an xbot,

bubbles on the house ps3 bros!
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Sir_Ken_Kutaragi  +   2616d ago
'angry_xbot' had 6 Bubbles 8 Hours ago??? Hmm it's ok for 'pp' and co to Sl*g off the PS3 and not lose any Bubbles ever, but if a PS3 Fan does it's all Bubbles gone in a Day??? Ho Hum... :-/
POOR POOR N4G Mod's...Buy a PS3 and GO NEXT-GEN!!!;) Ooooops!!!;)

@dukadork ;) YEAH!!!;) WipeOut:HD IS AMAZING!!! ;-P It's Perfect!;)
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TheDeadMetalhead  +   2616d ago
Now, now everybody. Let's try to be civil here. This news has nothing to do with the 360 (*cough*crapbox) so there's no need to bring them into this.

Don't make me tell you the story of now I'm gonna tell you the story of my first experience with RROD.

One day I was at a game store and there was an Xbox 360 playing some game. Well, out of nowhere it RRODs and explodes, destroying the whole store.

Well, this game store was right next door to a Wal-Mart. And you know how Wal-Mart is slowly destroying the world, right? Well, it eats all of North America so North America is just a giant Wal-Mart store.

So I swam 3500 miles to Great Britain to warn them of this evil Wal-Mart that's trying to take over the world. And thanks to me they were able to arm themselves in time and destroy the Wal-Mart using the help of Electrodes and Sephiroth.

So, to thank me, they made me royalty so now I'm the king of England. And that's the story of how I claimed the british throne.
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dro  +   2617d ago
just imagine how Shadow of the Colossus 2 will look like on the ps3,if it looked that good on the ps2 i wont be suprised if it looks better than heavy rain!!! im so hyped alerday!!!!!

i hope this topic lives up to the hype when TGS comes up, if not i will be really :(
StephanieBBB  +   2617d ago
I'm crossing my fingers for an japanese MMORPG which you can play split screen and singleplayer in for free. Except for the retail price.

Or just an plain western rpg.
Sanhlami  +   2617d ago
finally! I thought the secret game was M.A.G. or Heavy Rain and was disappointed. I see it wasn't. Finally they show the super secret sexy game. I have high hopes for it.
R_1993  +   2617d ago
FF7 Remake :D
Cartesian3D  +   2617d ago
with all do respect and love for LEGENDARY final fantasy 7 .. I want sth fresh and new from SONY ..

btw tesuya nomura and FF7 team are busy for FF versus 13 .. so Versus will satisfy FF7 fans for sure :)
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tehReaper  +   2616d ago
I'd rather have a FF7 sequel on PS3 and maybe a remake on PSP.
theEnemy  +   2617d ago
A game from Team ICO imminent.
VF34EJ25  +   2617d ago
People keep saying Team ICO. But everybody forgot about Naughty Dog. I wonder what they got up their sleeves all this time.
Milky  +   2617d ago
erm Uncharted 2? or maybe even a Jak and Daxter? Naughty Dog are very predictable.
thereapersson  +   2617d ago
Team ICO project...
PLEASE!!!! That will make me one happy gamer!
infekt  +   2616d ago
Yes, I hoping for a new Team ICO title too.
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KiddyBrownTurd  +   2617d ago
LOL more hype.
masterofpwnage  +   2616d ago
oh oh, like too human, or infinite undiscovery, or blue dragon or LO or many of other 360 rpgs.

cmon dont hate wen clearly ur console have hyped up games to that dont do good
heyheyhey  +   2616d ago
did MGS4 not live up to the hype? yes it did

did LBP not live up to the hype? yes it is, and that's just from the beta reports- full game will be more awesome

did Uncharted not? Motorstorm?

they all did, Lair didn't- but just like we have Lair and Haze, you have Too Human and Infinite Undiscovery

so stfu
thereapersson  +   2616d ago
HeyHeyHey & Masterofpwnage pwned Sh1ttyFanboyTroll!
#14.3 (Edited 2616d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
KiddyBrownTurd  +   2616d ago
"oh oh, like too human, or infinite undiscovery, or blue dragon or LO or many of other 360 rpgs. "
lol, who hyped those games? not me. I said they all sucked long before they launched. I hate J-turds and wannabe hack n slashes like DMC and TOO FLOPMAN. give me god of WAR!

I win.
juuken  +   2616d ago

Oh, how the mighty have fallen.
thewho  +   2617d ago
What it is:
Uncharted 2
REDZEV  +   2616d ago
Maybe its Lair 1.5 The version that actually plays better. Or even better yet, maybe its another Ape Escape game ; )~
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Irishrocket69  +   2616d ago
lets hope it will be out on the PS3 instead of the PS4, with the time in between announcements and when it actually hits the shelf it could still be up to three years away ; )
TOO PAWNED  +   2617d ago
Well it is easy to assume that since it is TGS show game must be Japanese, not from western developer. So my guess is, either Team ICo new game, that Ninja game of which gamesblow spoke, maybe Legend of Dragoon 2(i hope).
yanikins111  +   2616d ago
wasnt the "Secret game" first hinted at after a reporter was shown footage at sonys london studio? Then again seeing as its being introduced at TGS, im assuming it is something that will cater to Japanese audiences. Which makes me think an RPG developed in the veins of a JRPG. Which makes me think legend of dragoon. But i could be wrong.
Silogon  +   2616d ago
I seen the ninja Game Games Blow was talking about on his site; he actually had video of it from some presentation they had behind closed doors. It looks hot as hell too. There isn't one bland texture in the house and the ninja actually looked like a damn ninja, not a neo robot or some cyborg or loaded down with armor. He was, for all intense and purposes, a ninja straight out of an 70's or 80's movie.

Looked sharp as hell. I think the game they are talking about here, though is Legend of Dragoon, which to Games Blow or Sabian's credit (whatever you wanna call him) also talked about.
KingDizzi  +   2616d ago
Well Team ICO having a game in development is very well known, learn the definition of secret people. Sony are VERY VERY good at keeping secrets, expect something big and surprise surprise, being developed in Japan.
masterofpwnage  +   2616d ago
well get ready for kotaku to downplay this, some how
masterofpwnage  +   2616d ago
most likly its an jrpg. if people thought this was one of the best

looking game and it an jrpg. then im in,

sony needs rpg because

im down to buy it

and plus i need my good ol jrpg
kittoo  +   2616d ago
Is it the game BBC guy was talking about?
Is it?
darkpower  +   2616d ago
Exactly what I was thinking...
...hopefully my only reason for it not being that won't be a valid one (Reason: since it was a BBC reporter that saw it, it would be made by a European dev, and thus not able to be shown at TGS, though it's not a very valid one if at all, at least, again, I hope it isn't).

I think Sony should reveal it already.
tehReaper  +   2616d ago
Like I said earlier guys, Final Fantasy 7 sequel! That'd be amazing. Think about it. Final Fantasy 14, 7x2. I don't want wasted time on a remake because we know the story, and that's better suited for the PSP.

I wouldn't mind a new Jak and Daxter or Uncharted 2 either.
Yawnier  +   2616d ago
Please Be:
The new Jak and Daxter game, but that's unlikely....
swiftshot93  +   2616d ago
this is irrelevant but let me remind you:

Uncharted 2>Jak 4
Gameinformer   2616d ago | Spam
koston3647  +   2616d ago
never played shadow of the colossus but adam sandler made it look awesome in reign over me a tricked out next-gen sequel would be sick
lordgodalming  +   2616d ago
Can I get an Old Faithful?
Sony's been swinging some big lumber this year with new and exciting IPs, both on the PSN and in proper retail formats, so I strongly doubt this super secret game will be a new IP. I'm guessing this will be a long-awaited sequel, prequel, or spinoff of some wildly popular series. (I'm not even going to MENTION the FFVII remake.)
sak500  +   2616d ago
silverchode  +   2616d ago
exclusive to the ps3 since it would take multiple disks to play the game on the 360 :)
DrWan  +   2616d ago
Secret Game
So its not Uncharted, and plus Uncharted would be unveil in the States i think.

This should be a Japan-base creation, my bet is on ICO since they already say they will release some infol
sly777  +   2616d ago
Maybe a platformer that will be equivalent in uump and pizazz like Mario 64 was on N64.... Little Big planet on steroids! probably not!
mastemikegee  +   2616d ago
did u know about or remember...
...there were a couple of games that got postponed or supposedly canceled!

they were:

- Eight Days (Said to be canceled)
- Eyedentify
- The City of Metronome
- Metro 2033: The Last Refuge (still being made)
- Darkwatch 2
- Time0 (still being made)
- Possession (on hold)
- The Getaway (Said to be canceled)
- Coded Arms: Assault (Said to be canceled)
- Fifth Phantom Saga
- Data-Fly (Said to be possibly announced in this TGS)
Check link for Data-Fly:

doesn't it sound like 'Prototype'??
Liquid_Ocelot  +   2616d ago
That SECRET R* game that ppl thought it was L.A. Noire and then SONY said it wasn't...?
kazan  +   2616d ago
when will be TGS?
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