Five massive gaming reveals we hope to see at E3 2017

My Gaming: "We hope these E3 announcements take place next month."

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Garethvk304d ago

I think Sony announcing a PS5 could be a problem. Look at all the people who ran out and got a PS4 Pro last year as they figured that the enhanced options was a bridge to the next system so they paid up even though many like myself had a PS4. So now we are told oops, here is yet another new one a year later. While I am sure it would sell it would make me and likely others think twice is they pull a PS 5 Pro a couple years after launch.

DigitalRaptor304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

PS5 is way too soon. Scalebound is dead and buried. Let it be.

The rest would be pretty cool to see.

Haurus303d ago

The Scalebound trademark was just renewed by Microsoft.

SquidBuck303d ago

They're gonna re-announce it at this years e3 because the have no other games lmao!!

Darkfist_Flames304d ago

Scalebound as a ps4 exclusive xD

SilverDemon304d ago

why not?
if sony talked to platinum games about changing somethings but keeping the core gameplay, they can actually do that(with new name obviously)

remember how apple announced halo as an exclusive?

VideoGameLab304d ago

Not sure if you dont understand game development or just trolling

SilverDemon304d ago

if they changed the main character, change the dragon (which wont be hard since its was customizable), changed the story and the name of the game

why woudnt it work?

UltraNova304d ago (Edited 304d ago )

Doesnt MS own this IP? Why would any ps4 fan need scalebound when even MS themselves thought it was so...subpar that they had to cancel it?

Malphite303d ago

@UltraNova: Because Microsoft's judgement on gaming isn't anything to go by these days. They aren't willing to take as many risks as Sony for example. They've cancelled some of the interessting concepts and focused on the safe bets.

I believe that games like The Last Guardian, Gravity Rush and Nier: Automata would've been cancelled if they were funded by Microsoft.

UltraNova303d ago


Yes I agree. MS would never deviate from their save zone.

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PigsR4Eating303d ago

In fextralife's bloodborne 2 possibilities video, they mention sony sending a cease and desist notice to the neogaff, the neogaff user as a possible reason that bloodborne 2 was removed from the list. Was this actual confirmed by someone? I thought it was 100% speculation.