Forza Horizon 3's Hot Wheels DLC is Fantastic and You Should Play It

Forza Horizon 3; great game. Hot Wheels; great toy. Add them together... double great toy game.

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freshslicepizza337d ago

Both expansions are fantastic but it doesn't seem to gain much attention here.

XXanderXX337d ago

You do remember where here is right ..........

Gman32337d ago

You know that they only show love to sony and nintendo microsoft is the black sheep

DivoJones337d ago

If it was a Gran Turismo DLC it'd be plastered on the hottest posts for weeks.

337d ago
Gman32337d ago

I haven't play this hot wheels dlc yet cause i dont have FH3 but it looks really fun i just hope they come up with some cool dlc for Forza motorsport 7 as well

DivoJones337d ago

Hopefully.. though Horizon tends to be the more casual entry, Motorsport is more akin to driving sim rules and seriousness. Forza 6 has the Porsche and NASCAR expansions which add new tracks and cars. Hot wheels is really the first DLC to really break the rules of it's core game.

Gman32337d ago

Yeah its like now Forza Horizon series is now bigger then Forza motorsport which is probably why forza horizon get better dlc

MatthewOwen337d ago

Wow, really appreciative of the great feedback on the content! I figured there wasn't a huge audience for these smaller opinion pieces, but I see there is! I'll definitely start producing more stuff like this!