ModSynergy: AverMedia AverTV Bravo Hybrid PCI-E ATSC Tuner Review

ModSynergy writes: "Continuing on with reviews that bring you news regarding the new digital television standard ATSC, today we take a look at the AverMedia AVerTV Bravo Hybrid PCI-Express Card that claims to be the best TV mate for your home theatre PC. Being able to receive ATSC, NTSC signals and digital cable signals through its Clear QAM support, we'll see if this ATSC tuner card should be the one on your shortlist."

Pros and Cons

o + Good quality viewing HD
o + Low profile bracket for HTPC cases
o + Works with Vista
o + LG tuner is great
o + FM radio tuner
o - Software package leaves a sore feeling. Needs a revamp.
o - HD image looks good but a tad soft
o - Single core users should stay away
o - No antenna
o - No remote

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