Top 10 Bad Endings To Great Videogames

Videogame endings are hugely important - but these were the finales that somewhat soured otherwise great videogame experiences.

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KwietStorm367d ago

Umm. Bioshock had a great ending. If it ended where the author says it should have, it would have completely let the other guy off the hook, and he would have been allowed to do whatever the f he wanted to in what was left. Players weren't "forced" into anything. It was logical to tie up the loose ends after finding out the truth.

SolidGear3367d ago

I think the ending to Burial at Sea 2 was the best ending out of all the BioShock games. Made everything go full circle. How did you like it?

KwietStorm367d ago

I didn't actually buy the dlc for Infinite, so I'm yet to play Burial At Sea.

boomtube1987367d ago

Yep Bioshock is regarded as a masterpiece of art and both ending was fine.

drunkenspy007367d ago

If this writer thinks Bioshock has a bad ending, then I'm pretty sure this is clickbait. Thanks for the warning!

ghaleon1980366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Bioshock 1 ending was great. Bioshock Infinite/Burial at Sea 2 ending tried way to hard to be clever by "making it all come round full circle" but in actuality was so illogical it made the rest of the entire series/universe implausible and ridiculous.

***Spoiler Alert***

I mean, Elizabeth, who can bend space/time and summon entire tornadoes at will to eat people alive (as in the original Bioshock Infinite) gets killed by the swipe of a crowbar in Burial at Sea 2? With all of her incredible power she couldn't think of a better way to save that girl? Goodness gracious people, how does anyone think that is plausible?

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Summons75367d ago

I really liked the ending to Borderlands. Sure it was a slap to the face WTF moment when you realize the Vault did contain what it was said to contain but that really makes a point of how easily we can believe legends and stories and how we romanticize getting to find this lost place and becoming legends ourselves. It wasn't what you were expecting and things don't go the way you expect them too.

SolidGear3367d ago

BioShock is a masterpiece. Nuff said!

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