ModSynergy: Samsung BD-P1500 Blu-Ray Disc Player Review

ModSynergy writes: "Having just reviewed the brilliant plasma HDTV (Samsung PN50A650) unit which displays full 1080p resolution, we have been introducing you to the HDTV that has changed the television landscape. We've come so far with technology that it's really amazing to see and to experience how leaps and bounds further these new HDTVs are over old trusty CRT televisions.

One of the must-have items you'll come across with your purchase of an HDTV, to further the High-Definition experience, is a Blu-Ray disc player. Actually this will compliment your HDTV since it is essentially made for it."

Pros and Cons

o + Very good image quality for Blu-Ray, actually stunning
o + Very quiet drive under operation
o + No fans makes unit quiet under operation
o + Elegant design simplified
o + About $100CAD cheaper than the competition
o + Takes care of most High-resolution audio formats
o - Profile 1.1, not the newer profile 2.0
o - Sluggish GUI system
o - DTS-HD Master Audio decoding not present
o - Standard DVD upscaling
o - I really get annoyed with the sluggish feeling

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