Hardware Secrets: iPod Touch 2nd Generation Review

Hardware Secrets writes: "There's one thing as right as summer rain: once a year, Apple revises its line of iPods. They gain new formats, colors and features that become the stuff of dreams of thousands of gadgets aficionados like us. Among the new faces presented by Apple in early September there is the new 2nd generation iPod Touch with its sleek design and touch-sensitive interface. Playing music is just one of its features – and one of the less important ones, actually – since it doubles as a PDA, being able to browse the web, check e-mails, play games and watch videos and photos. Let's review all these capabilities and see what's different from the first generation."

Strong Points

* Touch-sensitive interface
* Slimmer than previous model
* WiFi internet and e-mail access
* Mobile gaming platform
* iPod sound and video playback quality
* Big widescreen monitor

Weak Points

* Requires iTunes
* Virtual keyboard requires time and patience
* Autocomplete feature more a hindrance than help
* Lacks a charger

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