Here's How You Do Facial Animations - Injustice 2 Harley Quinn

CG writes: "While EA’s Mass Effect Andromeda was panned when it launched due to some dodgy facial animations among other things, Bioware has managed to redeem themselves weeks later and after a few patches. Memes aside though, for those who purchased the game on day one (like us) and played through the massive adventure, having dodgy animations (whilst not game breaking) simply made conversations either comical or lost the presence of the characters. NetherRealm’s Injustice 2 face isn’t tired and highlights how to do excellent facial animations right out of the gate, no patches required to fix the make-up here".

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isarai573d ago

They're adequate, but nothing worth writing an article about, Mafia III and Uncharted 4? Now those are work writing about

InMyOpinion573d ago

How about L.A. Noire? They are still number 1 in my book, followed by Uncharted 4. :)

573d ago
bluefox755573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

LA Noire was amazing for the time, but can't really compare to UC4 now. I would point to the scene in the beginning where Nate is talking to the Nun as a kid, and he said "It wasn't just about the book" or whatever, you can almost feel what he's feeling. Or the shock on his face when Elena discovers he's been lying to her. Or the look on Elena's face when she's talking to him on the phone. You can tell she knows he's lying even though she doesn't say it.

That's not a shot against LA Noire, the technology just wasn't available yet, but they did amazing things with what they had.

InMyOpinion572d ago (Edited 572d ago )

@bluefox755 - The motion capture technology in L.A. Noire is more advanced than what's used in todays games. It's also too expensive which explains why no one's used it since. I'm talking animation only, not graphics fidelity.

bluefox755572d ago

@InMyOpinion I watched the video, and I'm still not seeing where it's "more advanced" like you're saying. The quality is great, amazing for the time even, but once again, it's limited by the technology. The animators were limited with what they could do.

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boomtube1987573d ago

Graphics in this game are amazing. 100x Better than all the japanese fighting games which are all manga and cartoonish. Can't stand them.

bluefox755573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

I agree. They're pretty good, but far from the best.

xPaYDaYx572d ago

I agree, no idea why people would down vote this. The animations are good, not great. That being said, people are still up in arms about the ME: Andromeda fiasco so it makes sense that an article would pop up regardless of the game.

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R6ex573d ago

That's much better than the "tired" faces of Mass Effect Andromeda. LOL

Malphite573d ago

Pretty good facial animations for a fighting game. But why does she bring a baseball bat just to throw is away before the fight starts?

Perjoss573d ago

she brings it just in case she comes across bat man


Der_Kommandant573d ago

I'm VERY surprised at the facial animations in the game, that only gets me more excited for the next Mortal Kombat game.

Derceto573d ago

Here's how you f**k up voice syncing while you're at it.

I really don't see what the hype about the animations in this game is. Sure, if you compare it to Andromeda, they look out of this world, but so would anything on the Sega Genesis.

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