Nintendo's Arms has all the depth the Wii Sports games lacked

For many, the Switch represents the Nintendo's return to form.

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247d ago
IamTylerDurden1247d ago

I don't think 1-2 Switch and Arms are the right direction.

NotoriousWhiz247d ago (Edited 247d ago )

1 2 switch, just a bad idea. Arms is a very fun game. I got the chance to play it awhile ago during a nintendo event. It actually reminds me a lot of pokken tournament.

captainexplosion247d ago

You just killed my hype by comparing it to Pokken Tournament.

WPX246d ago

I think it reminds me of Virtual On more than Pokken especially the controls and the perspective.
Which for me is not a bad thing at all.
Very interesting.

Segata245d ago

Nothing like Pokken. It's a simpler version of Virtual On.

modelgod247d ago

Ahhhhh.....there it is!!! Trying to recapture that Wi U fanbase. This system is just trash! !

247d ago
ninsigma247d ago

Just doesn't look good but I've downloaded the beta so I'll give it a go tomorrow!

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