LIFE IS STRANGE Sequel Officially in the Works


Every so often a piece of art comes along that grabs hold of your brain, burrows into the recesses of your grey matter, and doesn't let go. You spend hours upon hours thinking about it, obsessing over its intricacies, details, and hidden meanings, wondering if anyone else is as obsessed as you are. Life is Strange is one of those pieces of art, and it turns out there are 3 million people as consumed by it as I am.

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VsAssassin365d ago

Cool! I have yet to fully play the first one though (I got it free on PSN). I get distracted by the main protagonist's looks though; she has strong physical semblance to Taylor Swift really!

ClayRules2012365d ago

Bud, just "Shake it off, shake it off" lol.

Max does have a resemblance to Taylor Swift, now that you mention it.

Gatsu365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Best game. Can't wait for the sequel :).

ClayRules2012365d ago

YES! I can't wait for this =)
I absolutely loved the story of Life Is Strange. Even tho the lip sync & facial animations were awful, the voice acting was really great. Some of the most memorable video game characters I've played in a very long time.

Venox2008364d ago

As far as I know they fixed lip sync with update

Fist4achin365d ago

Im looking forward to it. I wonder if it is going to be another adventure with Max or another person with similar abilities?!

Tross364d ago

I enjoyed the first game, but how would a sequel work story wise? I guess it will have to either render one of the endings canon and the other not, or star a different lead character in a different town.