10 Star Wars Games LucasArts Wants You To Forget

COGconnected - 8 bad games, 1 overpriced console port, and 1 truly heartbreaking title make up our list of 10 Star Wars games that LucasArts wants to be forgotten forever.

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Ruegrong181d ago

Fuck lucasarts, the cancelled what could have been best star wars games

The 10th Rider181d ago

They didn't cancel it, Disney did...

Ruegrong180d ago

Disney only cancelled 1313, Not battlefront 3, not republic commando 2, not knights of the old republic 3. That was all lucasarts

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veicht181d ago (Edited 181d ago )

I don't think LucasArts cares considering they don't exist anymore. I believe Disney dissolved it the year they purchased all that stuff.