Sega Of Japan Unveils Its 'Amazing Sega' Branding But It Needs Awesome New Games To Back That Up

In a new video featuring Toshihiro Nagoshi, Sega of Japan has unveiled it’s new “Amazing Sega” branding but is that enough to really turns things around for the company?

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SegaGamer341d ago

"is that enough to really turns things around for the company"

This article makes it seem like SEGA are in financial trouble or something. They aren't, they are actually doing well right now.

naruga341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

at 1st is Forbes ...anything that is good /or exclusive to PS4 is undermined or trashed by them

Secondly i fing liked the trailer ... with Yakusa s Kazuma rising at the end they made a very good parallel to their company ...go Sega (also bring Shinji back to Platinum to direct Vanquish 2 <3)

Petebloodyonion341d ago

They're just saying that a new image doesn't bring success automatically.
It's not the 1st time that Sega tries to cash on old IP and unfortunately, they got often burned.

Now I love Sega and really hope that they can make a great comeback because they do create a lot of gems that are often shunned by media (see Alien Isolation or any Sega games that are barely mentioned except reviews).

ShadowWolf712340d ago

They had a good last quarter, but their overall performance the last few years hasn't been too good.

The article's just saying Sega needs to maintain and build on their most recent return, and need to back up their attempt at remaking their image is all.

FinalFantasyFanatic340d ago

Well, with the IPs they've got going, they do well as a software company, they make bank, they'll probably never become a hardware company again though.

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Good-Smurf341d ago (Edited 341d ago )

Why am I get the feeling that Sega will go back to making console again?
Sega "The Amazing Sega" maybe it just a pipe ass dream of mine...
I liked how Nagoshi looked so different from his arcade gaming years he looked more like a legit Yakuza member nowadays.

babadivad340d ago

I haven't bought a football game since 2k5

badboyz09339d ago

Same F**k EA and Madden.

Shuckylad340d ago

I'd love Sega to make some new 2d side scrolling action games of old franchises, (streets of rage, golden axe, shinobi etc) with today's technology they could really go to town on the look and gameplay.

340d ago
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