Under $20 sale on PS4 games include Fallout 4, Mad Max, Titanfall 2 and more

Several PS4 games have been discounted to below $20, including Deus Ex: Mankind Divided ($18.95), Fallout 4 ($19.99), Mad Max ($14.99), Resident Evil 4 ($15.49), Star Ocean: Integrity and Faithlessness ($19.92), Titanfall 2 ($19.99), Until Dawn: Rush of Blood ($9.99) and more.

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Zabatsu453d ago

That's pretty decent offers.

IamTylerDurden1452d ago

Until Dawn Rush of Blood for $9.99 is a steal, it's one of the best games on VR and it's the best selling game on VR at 500k physical copies sold. I'd imagine that Rush of Blood is at 3/4 of a million when you include digital, and it realistically could reach 1 million units in lifetime sales, eventually. Ppl love this game for good reason.

morganfell453d ago

Anyone that has not had the opportunity to play Mad Max, you would do well to pick it up on your platform of choice. It is really quite a worthwhile experience with satisfying combat. It is one of the games which I purchased for multiple platforms.

fenome453d ago

I've been meaning to pick that up for a while now. This seems like a perfect time.

Razzer453d ago

Was about to post the exact same thing. I completed Mad Max 100% on PC. I'm probably going to pick it up for PS4 as well. At that brainer.

morganfell453d ago (Edited 453d ago )

I was the opposite. 100% on PS4. Then I grabbed it on PC from Steam for $19 with all DLC. I grew up a PC gamer but had not been hardcore about it outside of my love for everything Warhammer 40K and Total War titles along with the occasional odd title - games such as Deserts of Kharak. However, since getting my Shield TV Pro I have been on a bit of a tear lately as regards PC purchasing.

Maxor453d ago

I bought Mad Max for $17 on the PC a month after launch. Worth. Every. Penny.

Soc5452d ago

Gotta agree with you guys and second this opinion, get Mad Max, I got it for like ten bucks and am having a lot of fun with it. I started playing it with really low expectations and it has really surprised me, It has it's flaws mind you but it is a diamond in the rough.
A couple of changes in the design of this game and it could have been phenomenal. The driving segments are crazy fun and the explosions are the best I've seen in a game. Also play with the picture and video mode, you can take really good pics and make some movies. Wish they were making a sequel
If you want a decent game with fun mechanics, get it.

morganfell452d ago

Since Tom Hardy is on board for a movie sequel titled Mad Max: The Wasteland - after he finishes filming Venom which was announced yesterday, the odds are in our favor. I am sure Warner Brothers, which is becoming ever more involved in gaming, is likely to field a second outing. Look at what they did with Middle Earth Shadow of War. They saw how successful the first game was and they really stepped it up for the sequel. I jumped on the Mithril Edition day one. So here is hoping the next Mad Max game receives a similar boost in treatment,

MadMax452d ago

I would have to agree of course! Hehe

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