From Nier: Automata to ARMS, developers are baiting fandoms

Nier: Automata saved the Nier franchise from obscurity, introduced the greater gaming community to Yoko Taro, and bailed Platinum Games out of a tight spot. Some say this is do to Yoko Taro’s storytelling, which is on a different level than we’re used to in video games, while others say it was Platinum’s amazingly implemented gameplay and Teflon slick UI that turned an obscure niche title into a million plus seller. However, Taro’s stories never saved any of his previous games from obscurity, and Platinum’s masterful game design had yet to deliver them a mega-hit, so James must attribute this newfound success to Yoko Taro’s genius move to focus on creating a virally appealing character.

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UCForce366d ago

You can say that again, my friend.

GameBoyColor366d ago

We are in the Ass era finally, thank god

camel_toad366d ago

You have to love Japan for not buying into the whole SJW mindset.

killbillvolume12366d ago

YES YES YES for all the negatives that come with being slow to change. Im so glad they haven't bowed to the whole sjw cult like mentality.

nix366d ago

This news always makes me happy. Gotta love Japan.

donthate366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

and thus part of the reason why Japanese games are fading into irrelevance.

ChronoJoe366d ago

So are you guys happy with the way that women are treated in Japan too? They're not 'free of the SJW mindset', the culture is outright sexist.

As an example, my sister was sexually assaulted while she was in Japan recently, and the police blamed her because she was drunk. Women's rights in Japan are terrible, the way they are treated and portrayed is astoundingly sexist, and I don't think people should be happy with that aspect of their culture.

bluefox755365d ago

@ChronoJoe Video games have absolutely no causal link to the way women may or may not be treated in Japan. Also, anecdotal accounts are evidence of absolutely nothing.

rainslacker365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


while that is terrible what happened to your sister, that happens in other countries as well, including the US. Sometimes even if they're not drunk.

What they decided to pursue isn't official policy though. While Japan is more traditional, and in some ways not as far along the equal rights ladder as other countries, it isn't inherently sexist. It's just that tradition plays a very big part in their culture, and people are expected to stay in their place. Woman have their own place in their culture, and in some ways, those places are just as important as anything they traditionally handle the household fianances while the males provide an income.

These things aren't as rigid as they used to be though, and the female workforce has increased steadily over the years.

What you spoke of with your sister isn't a womans rights issue. While women in Japan still don't have all the same rights as men everywhere, they've made significant progress in becoming more equal. What happened is a issue of policy on how to handle such cases which may or may not stem from sexist attitudes, but in Japan, being drunk, and then assaulted does not mean that the woman is blamed for fault. That's just one person, or a small group of people deciding they didn't want to deal with it, and those pockets of sexism do exist everywhere.

In any case, it is irrelevant to the topic at hand. It's the same argument that games cause violence, and if you think your argument is valid, then you think that one is too. The way people deal or treat others is typically learned long before media becomes relevant to how a person behaves, and is generally taught by influence of those that the person is connected to(friends/family).

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Darkfist_Flames366d ago

how long until we get jiggly ass physics xD

FinalFantasyFanatic366d ago

First there was boob physics, now with next-gen processing power, we present ass Physics!

PlebeGamer366d ago

Pretty sure Dead or Alive has been making their girls jiggle in all the places you'd want them to for a while now.

joethetimelord366d ago

Soft engine has you covered.

annoyedgamer366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

@Chrono Women are assaulted in Europe too, and they are told to deal with it because the immigrants are from a culture where attacking women is the norm. And its getting worse. But as long as they "look" progressive the real problems simply dissapear behind the veil of propaganda.

Uken12366d ago


Really dumb comment dude. Look at all the recent releases with high ratings. Mostly Japanese games. Nintendo is known for having high quality games. Mostly Japanese games.

Dark Souls created a revolution with it's difficulty and shear amazingness all around. It's a Japanese Game.
Persona 5, Zelda BotW, Mario Kart 8, Nier, The Last Guardian, Dark Souls 3 and more. Japanese developers are actually making a comeback. They will never fade.

rainslacker365d ago

Considering we see the backside the most in the game, it's a good thing.

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Princess_Pilfer366d ago

Appealing visuals matter to a games success. I'm shocked. It's not like most of the big name actors in the cinema of every country with a decent sized film industry are incredibly arrtactive people under 45, and that same logic definitely couldn't get people to look into games.

Oh wait.

PlebeGamer366d ago

There are plenty of visually and/or sexually appealing games that die in obscurity. The article is about how very specific audiences are being targeted so they become massive free marketing campaigns, and doing so with enough tact that you don't become Randy Pitchford, which is a little different from putting Brad Pitt in a movie and calling it a day.

Princess_Pilfer366d ago

I didn't say determine success, I said matter to success. Those are very different statements.

opinionated366d ago

There are quite a few actresses over 50 that are very attractive. But I see your point and concur.

rainslacker365d ago

Sex sells.

But sexy and fan service are two different things. There are people who appreciate such things. I'm kind of indifferent myself, but I do find it amusing when done well and not so over the top where it's trying to be silly. Haven't gotten into Nier too much yet, but it doesn't look like it's trying to be silly with it.

I do like that there are devs out there who aren't trying to be so PC as to just avoid it all together. I don't think they are baiting the way this article tries to describe, I just think it's the nature of the series(or overall IP that it exists in), and it's keeping to that formula without trying to appease people that never had an interest in the first place. That baits me more than the fan service itself.

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