Megatonik: The Force Unleashed Review

After considering everything, The Force Unleashed would have made a better movie (especially in place of that crappy Clone Wars movie) than it would have a game. Everything good about it involves no input from the player whatsoever. It's also really short, clocking in at around nine hours for a playthrough. There isn't even a single other thing to do after completing the main campaign besides going back and playing through the levels again to find the hidden Jedi holocrons and complete the bonus objectives (which, admittedly, is pretty fun for a while).

The worst part of it is that if it weren't for the glitches, The Force Unleashed would be an above average action game. Unfortunately, it gets in its own way most of the time and is a rental at best for even the most die-hard Star Wars fans. Stay away from it. Perhaps even far, far away from it.

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Trekster_Gamer3704d ago

I guess the fact that this game is the best selling game in the history of Star Wars games means all of that have bought and loved it are wrong??