Destiny 2 A True Sequel? And Nintendo Bets Big on ARMS

This week on Poli Games Podcast, host Joseph and guest Adam talk about the reveal of Bungie's Destiny 2. Whether what we see isn't just an expansion, but a true sequel. The guys talks on Nintendo Betting Big on Arms, and Splatoon 2. Ubisoft revealed too much before E3? Whether or not Microsoft should buy the Hitman Developers IO interactive.
Nintendo - 5:45
Destiny/PS4 - 16:00
Ubisoft/3rd Party news - 40:26
Xbox News -55:30

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Lightning Mr Bubbles305d ago

Looks pretty good to me. Some people think it looks too much like the first, but that's almost all sequels.

Kokyu305d ago

Nope its more like DLC

cell989305d ago

The ships are still just loading screens, apparently.

Kane22305d ago

so far it seems more like a bigger expansion than a full sequel..

OutcastMosquito304d ago

Are you serious? It literally looks like destiny one with a different hud. Even the animations haven't changed for weapons... Really bungie?