LittleBigPlanet Can Be Educational Too: Human Body Level

GameXtract writes "With custom creation, LittleBigPlanet can really be twisted, and turned to fit whatever your needs can be. We have seen users bend the tools to even create music levels where the game takes a whole new direction. We have even seen crazy machinery such as Tetris being implemented into the game which I must admit is pretty darn impressive. This time around a beta users has created a human body level that I have to admit is both fun, and educational. Surely, and hopefully most of you know where your organs, and body parts are in which case this level will only be pure fun, but the creator is no sloppy Joe. You start from the mouth, go through the food cycle in your system, and end out through the ass. Quite the informative level. Video after the jump."

Video after the jump.

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tmanmushroom3403d ago

This level is very creative, i especially like the stomach part :)

El_Colombiano3403d ago

"But its soooo boring. There is no fun in this Mario rip! There is nothing to do after building the level!"

Qbanboi3403d ago

HOLY F*CK. I feel smart already. ^^

Adriana Lima3403d ago

put too human and little big planet in the same sentence, let alone a topic.

zo6_lover273403d ago

This has nothing to do with too human
And didn't you see the colon(:) between "too" and "human"?
(kinda ironic since this is the human body level)

Qbanboi3403d ago

I have to admit i thought of Too Human at first when i saw the tittle.

Final_Rpg3403d ago

The guy's right dude, he was only messing around. Some of the people round here just need to chill.

Tacki3403d ago

A quick glance at the title made me think this was some kind of Too Human level as well. lol

I just thought of something though. Imagine if someone wrote a review for LittleBigPlanet using the game! There's so many possibilities that I think it'd be pretty damn cool. The review could still be told through text but they could somehow make a little game out of it. Sorta like the graph presentations and such that they did at Sony's press conference during E3. I for one think that would be pretty neat to watch if executed well.

plain rice3403d ago

Wow some people are so sensitive. It was obvious as hell that he was just kidding around.

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Solid_Dawg3403d ago

i tried this level for like half an hour and couldnt figure it out. but i only went down to the lungs like once and couldnt figure out what to do. i usually went through the stomach(i think) and didnt get much farther that halfway through the race for some reason. good level though. and amazing game too.

Final_Rpg3403d ago

You're a very lucky man, I'm dying to get into this beta... I never thought I'd be this desperate.

Asphyxiate3403d ago

Very creative level. Just makes me need the game more.

whothedog3403d ago

LBP can be anything your heart desires :)

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The story is too old to be commented.