Spider-Man PS4 - Road to E3 2017

Insomniac and Sony surprised us with last year's reveal. Will we see Spidey at this year's show?

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BlakHavoc371d ago

I'd love a short glimpse of Peter Parker living his daily life, possibly interacting with other characters in the game. Then suddenly something provokes him into putting on the costume and then we get treated to a 7-8 minute gameplay trailer. I just want a glimpse of the story, as well as some bad ass gameplay! I'd also love confirmation of their being numerous costumes for you to unlock throughout the game.

chrisx371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I hope this game reintroduces spiderman2 ps2 swinging mechanics. That would be the best thing ever

BlakHavoc371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I hear this so much and while it was nice, I think Insomniac could find a way to make it even better in 2017

Number_9371d ago

I am most excited for this exclusive than any on the 3 consoles. It is a very big reason I purchased a PS4 late last year

VoodooProject371d ago

You should of waited for the release. The ps4 will drop in price when this game comes out.

morganfell371d ago

Why? Look how many great games they get to play in the interim. Plenty of people purchase a platform for one title then end up making incredible discoveries that were not part of the original purchase plan.

morganfell370d ago

No. What individual in their right mind would squander time with a person who allocates so much time obsessing over "fake Chinese checkboards" they can't detect with the naked eye instead of enjoying the game? Someone that does not comprehend to any degree what it means to be a gamer. In fifty posts you mention it over a third of the time. I find those that exhibit regularly such incorrigible behavior to be boring, pedestrian, and unimaginative people I would not want to count among my friends, nor even casual acquaintances.

Although I own two Xbox Ones units here in my main home for everything HALO and Gears related (love ReCore and Quantum break), neither would I squander valuable time on those in a game with you. The same can be said on the platform where I find myself gaming most often, the PC. Good luck finding friends.

Number_9370d ago

I purchased it pre-owned at less than half of the current retail price with a game to boot. Even I had waited for Spider-Man to drop, I would not have gotten a better deal brand new or pre-owned. Plus like Morganfell said, I have in the meantime enjoyed some of the exclusives that I had missed out on.

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Legatus371d ago

My most anticipated PS4 exclusive. I expect full gameplay video and release date or at least release window.

Sam Fisher371d ago

Agreed, i want something really new to the table. Like im tired of fps tps, and ds games, this gen had toooooo much shooting

Death371d ago

I'm really looking forward to this one as well. Day one for me regardless what reviews say.

mockzer0371d ago (Edited 371d ago )

I'm so excited for this game! Even more so because insomniac is behind it. They proved that they can achieve great open ended momentum building with sunset overdrive, and their humor is perfect for a Spider-Man game!

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