Call of Duty World War 2 – Can it Save the Series?

Returning to World War Two, have the developers of the Call of Duty series done enough to save and return the series to its former glory or has too much been broken in terms of fan loyalty over the years. Glyn Investigates

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TheCommentator365d ago

COD is like a Zombie, getting worse all the time yet never dying like it should.

esmittystud101365d ago (Edited 365d ago )

Chronicles is saving it at the moment. This probably will too. The only reason they made the move with Chronicles was to keep Cod players at bay and try to bring guys back that left. I didn't buy IW......but I came back to BO3 for Chronicles.

bumbleforce365d ago

Call of duty doesn't need saveing. It's the best selling series every year. Intimate warfare is still selling well.

Platinumwoody365d ago

Intimate warfare? Sounds a bit saucy

TCGlyn364d ago

It sold less than Black Ops 3

The7Reaper365d ago

I don't think a series that had the top selling game of 2016 really needs saving.

biomarvel365d ago

Infinite warfare only sold so many copies because of modern warfare coming with the legacy edition

The7Reaper365d ago

I doubt every single copy sold that shot it to the top was the legacy edition .

TCGlyn364d ago

It wasn't the top selling game of 2016, it was beaten by three other games and it actually sold less than Black Ops 3 did in 2015!

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The story is too old to be commented.