A Love Letter To Big Box PC Games

Sean Halliday of writes:

''As much as I enjoy new technology, I’m a traditionalist at heart. For me, there’s an immense amount of value in the more tangible things in life. Physically handling something that represents your hobby, the thing you enjoy, it’s fulfilling. It’s probably why I find the world of Tabletop gaming so enjoyable.''

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2pacalypsenow369d ago

Still have my Quake, Quake 2, Starcraft, Command & Conquer big boxes

PixelGateUk369d ago

I'm quite jealous. I lost a bunch of mine when a bit of building work went wrong #ripboxes. Still got a few, but not nearly as much as i'd wish

2pacalypsenow369d ago

They make good decoration pieces in my game room