The Wild Eight Dev: Native 4K At High FPS Possible On PS4 Pro, Targeting 1080p/60fps On PS4/Xbox One

The question of native 4K on the PS4 Pro is always one that remains up in the air- after all, the console, while sufficiently powerful, is hardly powerful enough to run most AAA games in native 4K. However, there's always a chance of making it work- Naughty Dog did with The Last of Us Remastered.

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B1uBurneR342d ago

The sad part of this is that this is just speculation that native 4K on the 4Pro is possible.

We know this can be done on Scorpio in native 4K with headroom for improvement if it's 1080p on X1. ..

freshslicepizza342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

Of course games can be done in native 4K on the Pro, there already is some. It all depends on the game and how demanding it is on the hardware. The Last of Us is a rem,astered last generation game, was Naughty Dog able to offer antive 4K on Uncharted 4 or will they for TLoU2?

B1uBurneR342d ago

My point still stands "The sad part of this is that this is just speculation"

PS4 lived up to "Greatness" so far this Gen though just moving forward onto the upgrades um .... Digital Foundry will be showing us the difference between what matters and what doesn't and what matters is what's the product was advertiseD to do at least 90% of the time.

snoopgg341d ago

Uncharted 4 was a great looking and playing game, and the last of us 2 will probably be more of the same Sony quality exclusives that many love to play. It really doesn't matter if it is native 4k and the sales of the last of us 2 will dictate that, mark my words. The Scorpio won't do anything to Sony's dominance in sales. Its too little, too late for Microsoft this generation, whether it can do native 4k on all its games or not.

King_Lothric342d ago

PS4 Pro already has games running on native 4K. Please inform yourself before wasting internet space.


None of them are graphically demanding so think again before you try pass indie, AA or AAA reboots that got nothing but a resolution bump with no graphical upgrade at all because they look like a 360/ps4 game with a 4k resolution lol moron

343_Guilty_Spark342d ago

It can be done on Scorpio because is significantly more powerful than the PS4 PRO

Aenea342d ago

40%, yeah, just as significant, for 4k, as the difference between X1 and PS4...

342d ago
Aenea342d ago

Speculation? What do you mean? Native 4k is possible on the Pro, there are games that already are...

It all depends on the game's visuals...

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