The Surge Graphics Analysis: PS4 Pro vs Maxed Out PC Settings On GTX 1080Ti

Head to head comparison between the best versions of The Surge.

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Tapani369d ago

I'm on the edge of buying this, but it seems a bit too hollow for my taste. Anyone out there who liked Demon's Souls, Bloodborne and Dark Souls games can tell me how Surge really is? Reviews all say it is a Souls-like game with good atmosphere, but it is getting 5/10 and 6/10 here and there, mixed with some 8/10 scores. So what is wrong with it?

I do like how PS4 Pro is pitted against a graphics card twice the price of the console. The value with Pro (when utilized properly) is very good indeed. Can't wait to play DQXI 1440p or 1800p or something! :)

LordoftheCritics369d ago

Very shallow game. Limited gear, limited areas, 5 bosses in total. Very meh.

The ps4 pro is being compared to the 1080 because this game can be maxed out by a mid range 900 series card.
No big deal. I maxed it out on my 980m.

freshslicepizza369d ago

From what I read they did a great job on the PS4 and Pro, the same cannot be said of Prey which they did literally nothing for Pro users.

EddieNX 369d ago

I bought it and its started off well, i intend to sell it as soon as ive finished it though

thekhurg369d ago

Great combat. Kind of bland and repetitive environments. The last area could use some polishing in terms of balance and the pointless maze-like layout.

But if you like From Software's games, and you enjoyed Lords of the Fallen, you'll like this game.

TheCommentator369d ago

Another stupid comparion. The video title says Ultra, but he sets the resolution at 1080p... and the game also isn't very demanding... again.