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Overwatch's Absence Showcases The Long Road Ahead For Nintendo Switch

Praise is one thing, but Nintendo needs to get commitment from AAA-games like 'Overwatch' if it's to truly realise its potential.

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Community400d ago
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Neonridr400d ago

problem with games like Overwatch and Destiny are the fact that they are online games primarily. So having a console that isn't tethered being able to play these games can create a problem. I am sure Overwatch could work on the Switch technically, it's not that demanding of a game. But if you were to create a game that say required it to be docked, you are taking away a huge feature of the Switch.

capjacksparrow400d ago

I agree with what you're saying about the console being untethered (which means wireless connections all over the place, this affecting performance), but on top of that, the devs say it isn't powerful enough. I don't have a switch, but I like the concept. If only buy it for its exclusives, which is exactly Nintendo's problem.

Realplaya400d ago

Which developer said hey it's not powerful enough?

InTheZoneAC400d ago

All modern consoles are powerful enough to run any game, it's just how much do you WANT to degrade the graphics and on screen effects? You could go the way of wind waker and BotW with that art style for most games if you're worried about performance

thrust400d ago

Overwatch runs on a potato, it's on pc there are all diff ones out there

Ryasha400d ago

Exclusives are the only reason why I and a lot of other people buy any console though....

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

No they didn't. They said they haven't tested it.
What the said is that they have to investigate the game again to see how it will do.
They never said it's not possible.

Dragon Quest X is on the Switch. And it's online only.
These devs making excuses.

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InTheZoneAC400d ago

If anything games should be made catered to docking, with play anywhere as a not required feature

_-EDMIX-_400d ago

"So having a console that isn't tethered being able to play these games can create a problem"

Yes or not just realizing its a portable in the first place...

"But if you were to create a game that say required it to be docked"

Docking doesn't make it more powerful, it simply makes it run to its full power, undocking simply lowers certain specs for battery power. To my understanding, the specs of the Switch are not powerful enough for Overwatch without clear significant downgrades to many areas.

They made a weaker system so they are going to deal with having less support in regards to most 3rd party games

Neonridr400d ago (Edited 400d ago )

fair enough, I was more or less referring to docked as in to have a stable internet connection. Something that is required for an always online game. Once you leave the house the internet equation sort of goes up in the air depending on where you are playing. I wasn't referring to resolution or anything like that.

_-EDMIX-_400d ago

" I was more or less referring to docked as in to have a stable internet connection"

Well I wish you stated that, but even then, Wifi would still make sense. I've gamed on Wifi many times with no issue.

"Once you leave the house the internet equation sort of goes up in the air depending on where you are playing"

Well thats moot.

That shouldn't really stop it from appearing on Switch. Consider its just going to be stated they must always have a connection.

I think the reason is as simple as its just not powerful enough as most AAA 3rd party games are showing.

Come to think of it, have we every had a really popular MMO game on a dedicated handheld?

I always wanted Animal Crossing to go deep with that concept since it fits Animal Crossing so much, base game is still AC, but selecting a on or off feature lets people come to your town in real time with limitations of course.

New leaf had some features like that, but could have been pretty cool if they went all the way

JEECE400d ago

I don't necessarily agree that overwatch is the best example, but I agree generally. As someone who bought the Switch at launch, it's frustrating to see so many devs talk about how much they like the console, only to follow up with how they have "no plans" to make games for it. Right now the system has great momentum, but it will need support to keep that up.

JayPi3400d ago

If you ask me it's people expecting too much too soon, most games take a 2 years+ to come into develop and the Switch has only been out for 2 months now, and I'm sure most of the games coming out mid cycle are going to take time from working on optimizing their games on already established consoles to figure out a Switch.

Not to mention some devs can't even get their hands on a Switch in stores. I also bought a Switch day 1 and I love it, but I understand it's probably a waiting game, and if Nintendo doesn't get the 3rd party support I at least know the exclusives will be great.

Profchaos400d ago

Devs get sent dev kits a good amount of time before the system launches they don't buy them in stores

JayPi3400d ago

I disagree, I think if anything Overwatch is a poor example. Blizzard in general takes their times to make most moves when it comes to releasing new stuff. I imagine they're going to take their sweet time porting Overwatch to the Switch but i'm sure should it ever come to the platform it would sell great.

Especially if they add some kind of Blizzard function where you can import your progress from one platform to the Switch, I know that seems a bit far fetched but for a Multiplayer only game where you have to be signed in all the time, it may be possible.

As for Nintendo, I think their year 1 offerings with the Switch seem way more promising than people give it credit for. Breath of the Wild, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8, Xenoblade Chronicles 2, Super Mario Oddessey, and probably more unannounced titles are in the pipeline.

Not to mention the Switch is selling quite well, which is usually the #1 thing third party publishers like to see.

jznrpg400d ago

I want games that arent on Ps4, thats what will get me to buy games for Switch

big_dom_strikes_back400d ago

Because it doesn't have one game on it? Yeah. OK. If you say so, pal.

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