Looking Back at Uncharted 4 – Things That Sucked

"Before you to tear me apart in the comments, I want to throw out there that I absolutely loved Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End. It was my favorite PS4 game up until I played Horizon: Zero Dawn. Somehow, Naughty Dog created another masterpiece, even without Amy Hennig (Uncharted 1-3 writer/director) at the helm. However, Uncharted 4 made some odd decisions when it came to the gameplay in the action-adventure title. While the game did add some awesome features like roping and sliding, Naughty Dog scrapped some older mechanics that would’ve only made for a greater experience." -- PlayStation Enthusiast

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AspiringProGenji337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Didn't have a problem with the game myself. Let's see how ND takes the criticism and Lost Legacy improves even better

brettnll337d ago

I think Lost Legacy is going to bring something fresh to the table. As usual with ND games! :)

Deep-throat337d ago


Something fresh like...? What was fresh in Uncharted 4?

They are creatively bankrupt. There was nothing original in any of the Uncharted series.

Bigpappy337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I didn't have a problem is not a criticism. That is what I always hear when it comes to PS gamers and ND. So I just assume that all the games are perfect and can not be improved upon.

Last_Boss337d ago

Uncharted 3 had more problems tho.

EatCrow337d ago

That's usually what happens with anything that has a passionate following.
I had several problems with the game. The brother was a bore and based on previous games created some plot holes that I just couldn't ignore. Infinite enemy nades made the hardest difficulty a freaking nightmare. Also took out some realism. And lastly the climbing. I normally don't have a problem with uncharted traversal experience but man there was a bit too damn much of it here.

And personally my favorite part of the game is when Nathan was finally accompanied by Elena. Their interaction is the best part of the game. The dialogue was amazing too.

UCForce337d ago

@Last_Boss I criticize UC 3 a lot even the game was great but it was reuse of UC 2. A lot of UC community said UC 3 was the weakest of the series.

AspiringProGenji337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

More like that is what YOU want to hear. Just because you don't see "PS fans" talking about issues doesn't meant they didn't have any. I meant others' criticisms, not mine since like I said I didn't have any issues, if not any big issue to ruin my experience at least

I rather actually play and enjoy the game rather than dwelling into minor issues and go to the ND forums to share my thoughts, which is what I did with the MP which was my only gripe. I learned not to waste my time here when it comes to big games like Uncharted who brings the worse of people. Too many ingenuine people trying to make a big deal out of nothing and force their opinion upon others.

Last_Boss337d ago (Edited 337d ago )


What killed U3 was the bad A.I, which was a small problem I had with Last of Us. Plus there was a few things in the middle of my the game that didn't add up. Uncharted 4 had a really well rounded pace.

Z501336d ago

"I just assume"

That sounds personal.

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BlakHavoc337d ago

I hated the rope mechanic and they forced you to do the slide thing over and over again (although it was fun at times). Other than that the game was exceptional, their biggest mistake imo was overexposing the game pre-release. They should have never shown off the Sam pursuit set piece, it was easily the most impressive set piece in the entire game.

brettnll337d ago

I agree I think they showed too much of it before it released.

Forn337d ago

Really? I thought the Bell Tower scene was incredible, as well as the action leading up to fighting Nadine, and also the Pirate Ship section at the end.

BlakHavoc337d ago

They were all great, i just think they shouldnt have spoiled the car chase scene

EatCrow337d ago

Agree about the set piece... It is the best set in the entire game...and they had spoiled it.

deafdani337d ago

Yeah. What makes it worse is that U4 didn't have that many epic set pieces when compared to U2 and U3. So they shouldn't have spoilt the best action set of the whole game, seeing how it already had so few compared to past entries.

rainslacker336d ago

They didn't even show half of that entire scene. How was it ruined? They showed the car chase, and then they ended before they even got to the meat of the set piece that takes place after the bridge.


The set pieces in UC4 were less exaggerated than they were in the previous games, but they were more plentiful, and more playable than the prior games. The reason most people miss them is because they don't realize they were set pieces. The bell tower is a prime example.

deafdani335d ago


Nope, U4 factually had less setpieces than U2 and U3. I know this because I played the trilogy again just before U4 (and I'd already played it several times), then played U4 a second time again.

They're definitely even less frequent.

The bell tower sequence was superb, and I didn't forget about that.

Also, Sony did show up the whole sequence on another show after the first showing, right up to the car accident, Nate killing the guys from inside, then leaving with Sam on the bike, etc. They showed all of it.


I agree, no other set pieces really surpassed that one. Still my favorite game so far this gen.

Last_Boss337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

I was blown away as you get into Libertalia and it turns into what the lore explains in game. I truly hope this series has more somehow. In a class of it's own. The Madagascar area was incredibly beautiful.

BlakHavoc337d ago

By far the island chapters we're some of the best I've ever experienced. Like u said the lore and environmental storytelling were phenomenal. They nailed the sense of adventure in those chapters.

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UCForce337d ago

Ah, I see. Some those gameplay elements have changed, but I found Uncharted 4 feel much smoother than previous one. For example, the buddy system is extremely impressive you can do duel melee with your buddy and the grappling hook is just so goddamn satisfying.

Razzer337d ago

Minor gripes, but still valid. I never really got the stealth down. Not a perfect game, but still damn good.

-Foxtrot337d ago

Too much Sam while characters like Elena and Sully who should have been front and centre for the last ever game took a back seat

Small plot holes created by Sam like the scene with Marlowe in U3 where he was never mentioned and the fact they bring the rope mechanic in as a thing these two brothers used to use all the time YET Nate never used once in any game before it. Even with Tenzin during Uncharted 2s Ice Cavern chapter where he uses it there's no mention of it. For a story based game this does matter, you can't try and glide over it but ND are known for their story telling it's a silly thing to forget about.

More slower parts then past games which didn't fit Uncharteds tone, it's not the Last of Us guys

Multiplayer was another step back. Least with the more generic multiplayer changes in Uncharted 3 it still felt Uncharted like

Overall for me it didn't feel as Uncharted like as it should have been and didn't feel like the last game EXCEPT for the epilogue

My opinion...I know people on here think Uncharted 4 is perfect but it's not. I'm sorry.

UCForce337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

For you, I understand. But Uncharted 4 is still feel like Uncharted to me with more grounded and personal. Some people like you don't like the change which I fine by that.

And Uncharted 3 MP was way more chaotic and unbalanced than UC 4 MP because UC 3 MP has sprint button and one hit melee on the back and freaking pick up OP weapon.

-Foxtrot337d ago

"to me with more grounded and personal."

But that's not Uncharted. What if the Last of Us became more camp and comedy like similar to Uncharted? Wouldn't work would it

" Uncharted 3 MP was way more chaotic and unbalanced"

LOL...more chaotic then like 3-4 hunters and brutes running around with multiple Mystics going off where it becomes more about what gimmick you've unlocked


vickers500337d ago

I agree with you. Uncharted 4 felt like a tacked on entry to an otherwise great franchise in my opinion.

UCForce337d ago

I'm disagree with you about the gameplay. Sure, the game has some problems, but they do improve a lot in previous game. The AI in UC4 are way smarter including friendly AI, stealth have more options for player.

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Last_Boss337d ago

The story IS about Nate & Sam,and that's why Chloe & Cutter weren't shoe horned in. The game is not perfect, but it's ND choice to incorporate these elements. It is what it is.

BlakHavoc337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

Geez u seriously won't get over the fact that Elena and Sully weren't as frequent in the game as Sam. Even though u got 4 previous games with a bunch of Elena and Sully, there were even games that had nothing but Drake and Elena, or Drake and Sully. I agree that the rope mechanic was a little silly but just cause it wasn't in the first 4 means it shouldn't have been in the game at all? Sounds to me like all u wanted were remasters of the first 4 games since u wanted more of the same. It's not a perfect game at all, but it definitely deserves more credit than you're willing to give. I'm willing to bet anything that you'll be mainly pessimistic once TLOUp2 comes out...

-Foxtrot337d ago

I'm sure there's a ton of shit in games you haven't got over so don't start

BlakHavoc337d ago (Edited 337d ago )

How could U be sure when u kno nothing about me...

I was a little disappointed in UC4 as well as I didn't like it as much as 2 or 3, but it's still a good game imo. I hated the rope mechanic, for some reason I hated Elena during my first playthrough, and I also hated that there wasn't that memorable set piece the series is known for. So I walked away from the game a little bummed, but you know what, I got over it lol. I'm not on every UC4 article repeating how disappointing it was that Sam was more frequent then Sully and Elena....

UCForce337d ago

About sidekick, they are OP for sure, but not likely unless you know how to use them. I'm not saying you suck at it, but you don't use your full potential on them. They are not gimmicks. So no, these sidekick and items are very useful in every situations. Again, you don't use your full potential on them. About Uncharted 4 story, it's about Nathan Drake and his personal life, he didn't want involve any shenanigans. Nate want adventure without consequences because he faced those things in previous games. All he did was all illegal treasure hunting and almost got his family (Elena,Sully and Sam) killed because of his risk. So at the end of the game, he can now do proper treasure hunting without consequence. He earned that. So please, let him have one.

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