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COGconnected: We ventured down to the Destiny 2 reveal event and walk away impressed. Yet, clearly the "if it ain't broke then don't fix" approach was taken.

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62d ago
BlakHavoc62d ago

I need to read up cause I don't know the changes the made and didn't make, but I'm ok with it basically being Destiny 1 with more content. I loved that game except it had such a short story and the grind for loot got annoying after a while. Some ppl seem upset that it basically plays and looks like Destiny 1 and I don't get that, it is a sequel after all and it clearly wasn't broken considering it sold a crap ton and still has a dedicated fan base that plays the game today.

UnHoly_One62d ago

I don't get that either. There are minor tweaks and changes, but the majority of it has to be very similar, or it wouldn't be "Destiny".

It looks like exactly what I wanted it to be, so I'm stoked.

Brash62d ago

You're okay with a game that's practically an expansion but doesn't actually include what's in the original game? Whelp. You know what? It's your money, and I sure as hell ain't gonna tell you how to spend it

CorndogBurglar62d ago

How do you know its practically an expansion? They have yet to talk about all the content that will be in it. Unless I'm missing something....

kbozz7162d ago

Wouldn't that same logic apply to every sequel?

Bennibop62d ago

Problem for destiny 2 is that for some reason it's cool to dislike it. I thnk some gamers are just elitist pricks

BlakHavoc62d ago


Bingo! There are certain games that are cool to dislike no matter what. Destiny is in the same league as CoD when it comes to that.

Brash62d ago

It's four planets in size with 4v4 PvP (down from 6v6). No dedicated servers; gameplay feels the same (which is fine if you liked the gameplay) and there's still no economy system to reflect the game's scope. Yes, you have cool new powers. However, these powers are replacing and not adding on to the awesome powers in Destiny. There's clan support now, and that's good, but so far it looks like the same game. You guys are saying you're fine with the game being the same, and I'm just doing you a favor by letting you know, yes... probably because it is the same game. I'm not hating by pointing things out... I'm doing exactly that, pointing things out... Problem?

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CorndogBurglar62d ago

I don't get it either.

The one thing that everyone agreed upon with Destiny 1 is that the gameplay was fantastic and extremely fun.

I'm not sure what people expected.

SirBradders62d ago (Edited 62d ago )

Let the haters hate most haven't even played it. All I know is its gonna reunite me and all my mates and we will have a blast.

I am disappointed at pvp 4v4 and I think it is a direct result of it still being p2p connection. With the added skills of supers and the way gins work you need dedicated servers for all the calcs to increase players, I think.

Also excited for everything else.

BlakHavoc62d ago

Yes! It's the best game this gen for me in terms of having a coop game that's a ton of fun. I'm super jacked for it cause I know me and my pals will be logging over 200 hrs into this baby.

texag201162d ago

I liked the grind until I hit a point where I couldn't level up any more without doing raids. I didn't have people to raid with and they took too long. So I was always like 2 levels behind max level.

This one is supposed to have matchmaking for raids.

darren_poolies62d ago

Not matchmaking per se but the ability to link up with clans when you aren't in one yourself. Not 100% sure how it's going to work but at least it's something.

BlakHavoc62d ago

Ya my thoughts as well, I actually liked that some of the armor was extremely rare to get cause it made it that much sweeter when u did get it. But I didn't like the amount of repetition that had to be done in order to get a desired piece of loot.

Allsystemgamer62d ago

@black havok

I hated the loot system. I raided Crota so many times for that damn sniper rifle. Everyone in my group had it. I never got gjallerhorn or a bunch of other exotics and I played as much as my buddies did. They ALWAYS had to carry me because I could never get good enough gear.

I always got duplicates.

It got to a point where I just quit. It got so infuriating spending 2 hours doing something over and over and over just to NOT get anything.

Fool me once bungie...

Allsystemgamer62d ago

I comepletely get it.

Look at halo CE then look at halo 2 - 3.

Now look at destiny then destiny 2.

The jump from halo 1-2 was big.

Destiny 2 looks exactly the same. I didn't see anything new other than powers and new character skins.

SirBradders62d ago

Let's wait and see. I know what your saying but destiny 1 was fun so more of the same but new won't hurt.
The added depth to patrols and clans is a start.

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That one guy 8662d ago

Adding 4v4 pvp is exciting to me. Adding in more side quest content will be a nice addition. Plus the new clan system and matchmaking is nice. I'll drop $60 on this, but won't jump straight into the season pass.

gtxgamer262d ago

Honestly I just don't see this outselling the first game.