Prey Still Has Recycling Glitch

PC Aficionado: "A few weeks ago it was reported by PCGamer that Prey had a glitch that would allow players to get infinite materials from the recyclers throughout the world. Prey got an update last week that was supposed to fix that, but apparently, there is still a glitch in the game that still lets players rack up infinite resources."

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Christopher370d ago

I was goofing off one time and accidentally did this. Have to stay away from it no matter how badly I need shotgun ammo.

DarkOcelet370d ago

Honestly so far, i don't have an issue with ammunition. They give you a lot already. But then again i am only 4 hours in. Maybe things get harder later, i dunno. Am loving every moment of it.

Christopher370d ago

I have almost 200 9mm, but shotgun ammo seems to be sparse. It might be a bit of RNG.

DarkOcelet370d ago

Weird, i got tons of Shotgun ammo. One of the small guys dropped 4 shotgun shells for me once lol and i really never use it that much as the environment itself has a lot of things you can use as a weapon. Leverage is pretty awesome with pretty much everything. I can't imagine how OP Leverage 3 will be. Its amazing how much variety the game have when it comes to things you can use to kill.

Christopher370d ago (Edited 370d ago )

I've focused on maxing out weapons right now. I can two shot most big things with a shotgun and one shot mimics with some ease with the pistol after you get that one thing that I don't want to spoil since they never talked about it in the previews.

Edit: probably going to buy into hacking next. Everything I'm coming across requires 2+ of it now.

370d ago