Op-Ed: We Need To Stop Calling Indie Developers “Lazy” Over Console Exclusivity

Sean @ FingerGuns: We need to put a stop to labelling indie developers as “lazy” when they’re developing a platform exclusive game.

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Poroz367d ago

"We" need to stop telling people what to do and what to think! Opions are like assholes, we all have them and they all stink.

Dragonscale367d ago

Most indie teams are small with small budgets. Makes sense to develop for 1 platform and then maybe port it at a later date.

InTheZoneAC367d ago

I never once considered any ps4 dev lazy, in fact they're just smart

fagoyiv367d ago

Most indie teams

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godashram367d ago

Well, a dev can program for whatever console they want. Maybe there's an exclusivity deal in place. Maybe they're a very small team. Maybe they can only afford 1 dev unit. The maybe list can go on forever.

It doesn't make them lazy at all. They are doing all they can to make the game they want. If people don't like it because it's not on their console of choice (or they only own a single console) then too bad.

Just reminds me of a post I saw on a Darksiders 3 thread where someone asked if it was coming to the 360/PS3 since "not everyone can afford a new console and everyone has either a 360 or PS3" and then went on to decribe how lazy they are and they must hate money.... Just proves that some people will complain unless you cater to them or their needs/wants and they don't care about anyone/anything else.

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