Arc Rise Fantasia - New Screenshots

Arc Rise Fantasia is an upcoming Nintendo Wii exclusive title from imageepoch, and is there first non-handheld title, and new screenshots for the title have been released.

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jofra013731d ago

This title actually looks really good for a Wii title and imageepoch have put a lot of effort it seems in to their first non-handheld title.

nieto23731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

you mean good graphically? are you seeing the same screen that me? or there are others?

the best looking game on the Wii it's Prime 3 and there's not a single game on the console that approach to it.

edit: ok I just saw the other pics but it doesn't look that good graphically anyway. too much blurry, too much jaggies, blocky design... Galaxy, Prime 3, Zelda TP (a Game Cube game) looks a lot better than this. and i mean A LOT BETTER.

your comments about "This title actually looks really good for a Wii game" is plain ridiculous. and BTW what it's doing a Wii user talking about graphics? the Wii isn't about the gameplay?

Mahr3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

"are you seeing the same screen that me?

That depends... Are you seeing a screen that says "Someone thought it would be fun to link directly to our files... We didn't... DS-X2"?

jofra013731d ago

On the site all 10 screenshots of the game can be seen fine. You can only view 1 image at a time and you can choose to look at another one towards the bottom of the page.

If you hotlink an image they won't work.

nieto23731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )


sorry but i don't understand your sarcasm... what's so bad about linking?

anyway what is with the users of this site? are all of you having sex with a console? or are in love with it?

i post in a lots of sites like GamePro and Kotaku but n4g is the most hostile of all. be happy. ;-)

Mahr3731d ago

"sorry but i don't understand your sarcasm..."

That might be because it wasn't sarcasm.

You made a reference to a specific screen, but I have no clue which one it was given that when I (or anyone else) click on the link you provided, it leads to an anti-linking page instead of an actual screenshot.

And the page says, verbatim, "Someone thought it would be fun to link directly to our files... We didn't... DS-X2"

There's no sarcasm about it. I'm just telling you where your link goes. If you don't care that it goes nowhere, well, that's your own business.

Incidentally, I still have no clue which of the shots you're referring to.

"what's so bad about linking?"

It's not linking that websites don't like -- it's linking directly to an image that bothers them. This is known as "deep-linking".

Websites don't like deep-linking for a variety of reasons, but I imagine this specific site doesn't like it because they get their revenue from advertising companies, who pay by monitoring the number of visits to pages displaying their ads. A direct link to an image bypasses all the ads, which short-ends the ad companies and causes them in turn to pay less money to the website in question.

As such, lots of websites try to combat this by instituting programs that redirect all hyperlinks to a completely different page.

Usually, the redirect page will have some kind of admonishment for trying to be linked to, as above. But sometimes the page will just provide a red x or a not working message.

And sometimes this page will undergo what is known as a "switcheroo" in which the image one thinks they are linking to will instead lead to wholly inappropriate content, e.g., someone links to an image of a movie picture from a movie website, and the link will instead lead to bestiality porn or Goatse or something.

"anyway what is with the users of this site? are all of you having sex with a console? or are in love with it? "

Um, it's not a console thing. I'm just trying to give you some advice: when you use links, you may not be linking to the page you think you're linking to.

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kesvalk3731d ago (Edited 3731d ago )

man, i am dying to play another RPG after chocobo fables...

heck, i would be dying to pla another RPG even it had a Xbox 360, i just love the genre...

looking foward to another phantasy star on the Wii too (yea i can dream...)

OBS: a game desing is looking good, at least the Characters, hope they get it right, not like some other games on the Wii cough... baroque... cough...

jofra013731d ago

Baroque wasn't really designed to be an RPG in itself but rather a Rogue Like game that only fans on the Rogue like genre themselves would enjoy.

DarkBlood3731d ago

this is a rpg its a TOTAL BUY and i have not even heard of this game thats how good it is lol

legend of dragoon is my first rpg since then i can't stop i hunger for more rpgs alot

NanoGeekTech3731d ago

It has to prove to me its a real Video Game Console...................

jofra013731d ago

If the Wii hasn't proved itself to you yet through and game title I doubt it will prove itself to you at all in the end.

qface643731d ago

this game looks pretty good this rpg just caught my interest along with kizuna as well

jofra013731d ago

Both this and Kizuna are two games I am anticipating, just hope they are released outside of Australia

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