Shadow Warrior 2 released - comes with free copy of first Shadow Warrior

Neil writes "For many Shadow Warrior was a bit of an underground hit. Granted, it's not the greatest game you're ever likely to play, but Lo Wang's story was a decent little playthrough, ensuring the game gathered a fairly sizeable fan base. Now though Lo Wang is back in Shadow Warrior 2... and if you didn't play through the first, you can get that for free!"

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SlyBoogie1993307d ago

Great deal, 50% off for launch day aswell, bargain

Palitera307d ago

What do you mean by 50% off?

Unspoken307d ago

Absolutely, buy this game. Well worth it.

Majin-vegeta307d ago

Not buying until there is physical release for consoles.Alreasy own the first one physical so I need the second one

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DefenderOfDoom2307d ago

Same here , i will probably wait for a FLASH SALE to buy this . They should have had a digital sale of just SHADOW WARRIOR 2 for us people who already own SHADOW WARRIOR 1 .

Would have been really cool if they bundled the original SHADOW WARRIOR from the 90's.

Aries83307d ago

You still get Shadow Warrior 2 for $35 that just came out yesterday...That's still a great deal for a newly released game. Is Shadow Warrior not not going to be $59.00 when the promotion ends?

TheOttomatic91307d ago

Welp that just answers my question as to whether or not I would be getting Shadow Warrior 1 and 2 for PS4

Fist4achin307d ago

Excited for it, but don't want the digital version...

Palitera307d ago

Sure buy!!! And I still love Devolver Digital. So many great games come through them.