Nintendo selling empty box for five dollars

After announcing the Nintendo Switch Splatoon 2 bundle, Nintendo figured some people may just want to forget all that game nonsense and just enjoy a nice empty box.

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Erik7357341d ago

Funniest thing I have seen awhile. Shows you the hysteria around the Switch

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DashMad340d ago

The thirst for Splatoon 2 is real in Japan lol, 13 item on top 20 amazon video game best seller of japan are splatoon games, bundles, and merchandise..

XanderZane340d ago

These boxes would have been good for April 1st. Can't see any use for them now though.

Relientk77341d ago

Hey a box is sorta like a Nintendo Switch. You can put games in it, it's portable, and you can take it with you.

yomfweeee340d ago

You forgot another comparison... it has no games.

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Shadowsteal340d ago

Man shut the hell up, everyone said the same thing about the PS4 when it first came out. Because X1 had 3 exclusives at launch. Now the tables have turned, and it'll turn again for the Switch.

EddieNX 340d ago

Thats hilarious because we all expected it to have a full library two months in.

big_dom_strikes_back340d ago (Edited 340d ago )

Yet it's two main games that it does have are both system sellers. Can't say as much for both Sony or MS's systems at the moment. Plus, you know, it came out two months ago.

subtenko340d ago

@Shadowsteal oh look a salty nintendo fanboy.....the switch has a dry lineup right now theres no questioning that.

YoungKingDoran340d ago

Damn Nintendo guys, take a fucking joke!

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PurpHerbison340d ago

I seriously thought the Switch would have a very strong launch lineup. One of Nintendos strong suits was that they always made new games. Sure, there is a million Mario Karts but you could always count on them to make a new one. Porting Wii-U games was just a huge punch in the gut. Really expected them to come out swinging but instead they chose to do the opposite.

darthv72341d ago

To be fair, there are some serious box collectors out there that would buy this in a heartbeat.

vickers500340d ago

I'd buy empty game cases for 5 bucks. Persona 5 for example, I have the steelbook, but the standard version looks really snazzy as well.

vickers500340d ago

I've looked, but can't find any. I've found the steelbook for sale, but not the regular case.

Sm3000340d ago

Serious box collectors, oh thank you for the laugh.
I'm not denying they're out there

darthv72340d ago

It is worth a chuckle though but seriously I know a few who are into collecting the display boxes you see at gamestop and such. It's pretty crazy what some of those things fetch on the open market to others who are into them as well.

MrSwankSinatra340d ago

I remember the scalping was so serious when the PS4 and X1 launched people was selling Xbox One day one edition boxes for an upwards of two hundred to five hundred dollars. people seriously bought that shit lmaooooo

XbladeTeddy340d ago

If they were clever and did it for Zelda it would sell, me being one of them buying. The urge is too strong for me with anything Zelda and Nintendo.

rainslacker339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

I've brought boxes for some of the consoles in my collection. a lot of times when you get them with the box, the box is in terrible condition. More often than not, it's non-existent. Sometimes the boxes sold empty are in excellent condition, and pretty cheap, and getting one makes the value of the console itself go up since it then becomes more complete....assuming you have the other stuff that came in the box as well.

I do this more for games than I do for consoles, because the vast majority of older retro games from the NES or prior era don't come with boxes or instructions. A complete version of these games will often be sold for 2-3 times as much as just the cart. But the boxes alone are often sold pretty cheap.

Granted, just an empty box I wouldn't be that interested in, with maybe the exception of if I wanted to frame it or something. But I've yet to do that. I do know a guy who has almost 40 Dreamcast boxes, with maybe only 20 Dreamcasts to fill them. Has a nice display out of them.

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wonderfulmonkeyman341d ago

Pfft, collectors will eat this up, but it's still funny as heck.XD

fenome340d ago

Don't try to buy a Switch on eBay. Lol

subtenko340d ago

I know you are a noob now. You probably bought the switch for retail price. I found a good deal and ordered it for $50 on ebay. Jokes on you, I didnt even have to outbid anyone, they had a buy it now option!


indyman77340d ago

That was one of the stupidest lies I have heard on N4G.

fenome340d ago

Cool story. Was it the empty box?

subtenko340d ago

@indyman77 When I was a kid I actually bought an xbox on ebay for $50, and of course it didnt come...... I learned early in life ;) So yea it was pretty 'stupid' idgaf, I am smarter and stronger from lessons learned in life early.

fenome339d ago

Aw, your Xbox never even came, they should've sent you an RROD instead of nothing. Luckily you're older and wiser now instead of a noob like me right ;) ;)

subtenko339d ago

@fenome the original xbox never had a mass problem afaik, RROD was xbox 360. Im talking original xbox.

fenome338d ago

I stand corrected, guess that's what I get for being a lil nubile.

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