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Housemarque Explains Why Nex Machina Is Only on PS4 & PC; Talks PS4 Pro Support, Switch and Scorpio

Housemarque Head of Publishing Mikael Haveri Explains why the developer is sticking with PS4 and PC for Nex Machina, for the moment.

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Community366d ago
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Freedomland367d ago

Developing for PS4 and PC is the safest bet for the developers this gen.

freshslicepizza366d ago

Not really when software sales usually go PS4, Xbox then PC for software sales.

Ask yourself why Red Dead Redemption 2 is only coming to the PlayStation and Xbox. This anti Xbox attitude just makes you look ignorant. If they are going to support Windows 10 PC how difficult do you think it is to also support Xbox?

Why o why366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

lol....jeese moldy stating something doesn't mean its anti anything... Sometimes you take anything remotely against ms or just pro others to heart. The devs are explaining their reasons and others hate campaign.

Maybe you should ask yourself why this ps4 pc pairing is so common this gen or bring up your comment where you believed cuphead should be on the ps4 also as its the top console for software sales.

freshslicepizza366d ago

So common? Name one major Western game without some side deal made by Sony.

Why o why366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Major.....who even mentioned major.. Me? the article?...who? This article is about an indy dev about an indy game so my comment is relevant to that. Nice try though

Sunny_D366d ago

Are you sure Moldy? The April NPD seems to think otherwise lmao.

freshslicepizza366d ago

"The devs are explaining their reasons and others agree."

You mean the same developers who made Killzone and Super Stardust? They obviously have great relations with Sony, which is what this is about.

So please excuse me as I laugh at others agreeing with the developers on a forum that has FAR FAR more than the actual representatiions of the 2-1 ratio of PS4 to Xbox One userbase out there. What's next the PC community is also represented more on this site too that supports the claim that it makes the most sense to developers?

notachance366d ago

"If they are going to support Windows 10 PC how difficult do you think it is to also support Xbox?"

let's hear it from moldy who knows better how difficult it is to support XB when you already support PC, apparently he knows better than the many developers who only support PS4 and PC themselves

jznrpg366d ago

I am thoroughly convinced you work for Microsoft

Last_Boss366d ago

@Moldy, hit up House Marquee

Chevalier366d ago (Edited 366d ago )


So now Moldy is some sort of developer expert. Want to tell us how many man hours, wages, publishing cost would go into developing for Xbox, and potential sales with your cost versus benefit analysis? With links to explain it and dumb it down for everyone that doesn't understand? Pretty sure you can explain that right?

Also how come you don't complain about Cuphead, Below and Ori and the Blind Forest for example which just as easily could be ported to PS4 for the benefit of the gaming community as well? Weird. Strange even.

Your anti Xbox Crusade is hilariously bad. No company owes you an explanation for their business choices. They are doing whatever keeps their company alive just like all those studios making Xbox/PC exclusives. Don't like it? Stop gaming. No one owes you anything so if its not on your favourite system then too bad. I got an Xbox for a handful of games to play. If you want those games so bad get a PS4 or PC like everyone else.

darthv72366d ago

Moldy, I get your passion for supporting MS but seriously. Not every PC game is being made with UWP in mind. UWP is the ingredient to making a PC game also work on the xb1. So while these guys are supporting PS4 and PC, they are doing it in a way that is not bound to W10 or UWP and will likely be available on Steam which means it would be available to people on W7, W8 or hell... even XP.

Now if MS were to approach them and offer help in making it UWP then there would be a chance it could come to xb1 but for now it is where it is.

freshslicepizza366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

"Also how come you don't complain about Cuphead, Below and Ori and the Blind Forest for example which just as easily could be ported to PS4 for the benefit of the gaming community as well? Weird. Strange even."

Why would I complain about games funded or published by them when this isn't what the discussion was even regarding, unless of course it really is about a backroom deal? Someone said the PC and PS4 are the safest bets, then why do every major publisher support the Xbox? No answer given at all here. Or trying to assume the PS4/PC development is all too common but neglects to mention that is really to do with Indie developers who don't often have the funds to do multiple console ports?

Someone also mentioned it's about risk/reward but the same developer has made 2 Vita games. Where is the Vita now?

Then I get questioned because I said this all started from the same anti-Xbox attitude we get daily. Want proof from the original poster?

The representation of gamers out there for all platforms from Nintendo, Xbox and the PC are not at all in reality to what happens here. Trying to discuss things with you guys shows how painful it is and this is the problem I have with a forum that is totally lopsided. Every counter I give goes ignored and if all else fails then the personal attacks happen. Same old same old.

rainslacker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Housemarque is a pretty competent dev. I doubt the porting of the code is the issue.

Or, maybe it is. If you cared to read what the dev said

"There are always weird costs and time things involved if you want to go on more platforms. We’re very familiar with PlayStation 4 and our engine runs on PC. Those both seem to be big viable markets as well so when you put one and one together you get the two platforms we’re at right now."

So, looking at this quote, there are cost involved which have to be paid to put their game on other platforms. These are called licensing costs, as well as the cost to get a dev kit(Housemarque isn't so low on the indie scale to use the free to publish marketplaces).

Then, you get into the technical about how hard it might be to port to Xbox.

Well, their engine already support PC and PS4. So, PS4 is a given, they've been publishing there for a while. Their game engine runs on PC. So, putting the game on PC is easy enough. Their engine doesn't run on Xbox. So, they can't simply hit a button and suddenly it works on Xbox. They actually have to add Xbox support to their engine. While not an impossible task, it still takes time, and right now, that time may not be condusive to getting their game done. This isn't some matter of the simple porting that some people believe UWP brings, because the game wasn't built with UWP in mind, and UWP still isn't as simple as some make it sound.

Now that we cleared that up, by using the devs own words which I explained to you in fairly simple terms, does it make sense why they choose PS4 and PC, and are not looking to do the Xbox port right now?

If not, maybe the "Those both seem to be big viable markets as well", it's pretty telling that Housemarque believes that PS4 and PC are big enough markets to support the release of this game, while XBox isn't as viable given their circumstance, likely involved with the game engine.

Chevalier365d ago

Lopsided discussion? Like how you try to railroad all discussions a certain way or move goalpost? A lot of those games on PS4 are funded just like Ori, Below and Cuphead are funded either by the publishing deal or pubfund just like how almost all the House Marque has been by Sony. There is little difference. Yet you are blasting House Marque and Sony for the same thing. You know what they call that? Bias. You complain only for MS and against Sony and any indie studio that doesn't see the benefit of releasing on Xbox is part of some backroom deal, but, the same kind of deals by MS funding get a pass? Gtfo.

You assume all these studios have unlimited resources, time and it is some kind of simple process to port. Its not. You clearly have no understanding of that. Why would a small studio with limited resources release on Xbox + PC over PS4 +PC? The same amount of work gets them a wider market to the tune of 30+ million more potential customers. So lets go over basic math and probability.

Small indie studios may have limited time, resources, funds and people to do the work. Its not presto lets hit one button and its done. For those small groups.

PS4+PC >>>>> Xbox+PC. Fact. Not arguable.

Its pretty basic logic. Wrap your tiny mind around that.

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Ron_Danger366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Any one else notice whenever articles come out like this, Moldy always shows up and cry-rants over it?! He acts like one of those women on reality dating shows that doesn't understand why she was eliminated early, and then acts all ignorant when presented with the facts.

Get over it moldy. You are a fanboy so you are looking at the situation like a fanboy. Devs have to look at the risk/ reward ratio when choosing where to put their assets and right now the Xbox 1 has a higher risk than PS4/ pc of not selling. If big AAA games on Xbox 1 are struggling to break 500k sales in the first month, what hope do smaller indie devs have at making a profit, let alone break even?

freshslicepizza366d ago

These guys made 2 games for the PlayStation Vita and you want to educate me on risks? Your out of your league here.

Ron_Danger366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

"These guys made 2 games for the PlayStation Vita and you want to educate me on risks? Your out of your league here."

*you're out of your league

Moldy mindset: can't come up with a real argument so deflect to a different console to try to argue your point.

Also what are you even arguing here for? It's a PS4/ pc game in developement and if you're that upset just get it for pc and move on. All you ever do is nit pick articles that have any shred of positivity towards a Sony product and then whine and complain about it being basically unfair.

You're so childish.

ILostMyMind366d ago

He despairs when he sees that every kind of Microsoft promise is not fulfilled, like this one that any PC game is compatible with XBOX, but not.

xsta1ker366d ago

wow you watch women reality dating tv shows how empty is your little black book...
don't watch to much or you'll end up with a loaf of bread between your legs lol

rainslacker366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It's really wierd, because he claims that he's more into PC than XBox, yet he's crying over the Xbox version not existing, despite being able to play the game on PC.


Housemarques games on Vita were published by Sony or another 3rd party publisher, ,so there wasn't much risk on their part. It's different when you're self-publishing. If you have publisher backing, your bills are paid during the development so long as you deliver on milestones.

Now that I've educated you on risks, I will say that you were never in a league to begin with. You have no clue what you're talking about, and i wonder if you even know what you're trying to say or imply with your comments.

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LordJamar366d ago

sounds a little like bias to me but meh its cool to hate xbox nowadays

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen366d ago

It has nothing to do with bias. It has more to do with the most efficient way to get your game to be seen by as many people as possible in the shortest time possible and that's all this is.

Krysis366d ago

Yeah I feel like the average age of gamers is around 8 years old, given the comment sections on n4g

LordJamar365d ago

whatever you say man to each there own

XanderZane366d ago

The game would sell more copies on the XBox platform then on the PC. These guys are clueless. If they can get the game to run on the PC already, it would be a synch to port it to the Scorpio. They could have developed both at the same time with not much more in cost. Oh well, their lost. I could easily get this for the PS4, but their poor attitude toward other platforms will turn gamers away.

AspiringProGenji366d ago

More like will turn you away. If you have all consoles there shouldn't be anything to stop you from getting this game. Don't worry about MS. They don't care

MasterCornholio366d ago

They would still have to port to X1 as well and not just Scorpio.

Abracadabra366d ago

"Housemarque Explains Why Nex Machina Is Only on PS4 & PC"

Housemarque has a console exclusive deal with Sony. Simple as that.
Sony/Microsoft/Nintendo all have these kind of deals with 3rd party.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 365d ago
JEECE366d ago

I appreciate their focus, but there are some houaemarque games that would be perfect for the switch. I'll be happy to play them on PS4, though.

Goldby366d ago

Resogun would be amazing on switch

ninsigma366d ago

True, that would be an awesome on the go title.

BlakHavoc366d ago

Yes! Also Nex Machina looks like it would thrive on Switch. Pretty much anything indie and any JRPG would be better on Switch.

Eonjay366d ago

Agreed. I would have to buy one at that point lol

jznrpg366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

@BlakHavoc why would jrpgs be better on Switch ? I definitely want jRPGS on Switch but I dont see how they would be better. There are a lot of games that are on PS4 and vita, and some I buy on Vita and some on PS4. I lile the Vita version but generally the PS4 has better features they just aren't portable

Last_Boss366d ago

@Blak No they all wouldn't. Not all JRPG's are they same.

WeAreLegion366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

It IS an awesome on the go title. It's on the Vita. Just get a Vita. Jesus. This is why the Vita died. You all ignored it. Now that the Switch is getting literally the exact same support, people are excited? WTF?

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 366d ago
Gran Touring366d ago

what would make their games better on the switch, I'm curious?

buttcheeks366d ago

He can walk to elementary school and play them that's why it is better on switch

MasterCornholio366d ago

He didn't say they would be better on the Switch just that they would work well on that platform. I only played Super Stardust and Rezogun but those games be great on a portable. Heck I played Stardust on Vita and it's amazing.

LiViNgLeGaCY366d ago

No, he literally said indies and JRPG's would be better on the switch. Literally.

ILostMyMind366d ago

This is why Sony shoud make a PSP3.

WeAreLegion366d ago

But several of them are already on the Vita. Why Switch? The Vita fits in a pocket. The Switch needs a backpack.

+ Show (1) more replyLast reply 366d ago
kevnb366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

gotta go where the money is.

thejigisup366d ago

True gotta make games where people will play them.

pinkcrocodile75366d ago

Wow, that's a little ignorant isn't it.

JackBNimble366d ago

Truth hurts... 60million VS....

XanderZane366d ago

Games are played on every plattform. So the game should be on every platform.

LordJamar366d ago

vs what 40mil? is that supposed to be bad

366d ago
showtimefolks366d ago (Edited 366d ago )


LOL how about 28-30 million max

2-1 ratio or above

Or are you making up numbers to make your argument seem better

My guess

Ps4 around 62-65 million
Xbox one 30-33 million

LordJamar366d ago

i dont get it is that still bad? the switch must be garbage to you ppl then. xbox can sell 60mil ps4 can double that does that mean xbox still didnt sell anything? it can go on and on but i dont play sales game im just saying it seems like a stupid bash/troll

AmUnRa366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

40mil?? So you think the Xbone sold about 40mil??
O boy, wake up and smell the cofee.
The PS4 has past the 60.000.000 and thats the true. Let me see a link that the Xbone is at 40mil. O, you cant?? So yeah, you pulled it out of *ss.🙄🙄

LordJamar366d ago

@amunra just missing the point entirely

Why o why365d ago (Edited 365d ago )


I get the point you're trying to make but these devs also have to look at the demographics and the sales of certain games across the board. Certain games sell better on certain platforms. This isn't some myth. That 40 mil thing is a myth though but we know for certain its more than the switch right now. I mean, if what you and a few others are implying should be norm then there would be absolutely zero devs making games that aren't on the ps4..... We all know that's not what you're all saying. Sometimes its easier to pick a viable 1 or 2 platforms for some devs. Obviously there's other factors at play but devs have to think of their situations more than some consumers feelings.

+ Show (3) more repliesLast reply 365d ago
mocaak366d ago

"'Maybe twenty years down the line we will have special collectors editions for other platforms.'” LOL

XXanderXX366d ago

If the studio even exsit by then or maybe next year .lol lol

366d ago
Why o why366d ago


that bitter comment by xander

that destructive retort by somedude

People need to get over this. MS had their fair share of indy loving last gen. This gen sony wooed indies

XanderZane366d ago

Maybe they will be in the unemployment line within the next year or two when their games flop. With their poor attitude, there will never be any special collectors editions for any of their games.

Aenea366d ago

They've been at it since '96, they haven't made an Xbox game in 6 years, I'm sure they will be fine....

XanderZane366d ago

I'm sure Xbox gamers will be fine not playing this game as well. I actually have played many of their games. Played Super Stardust HD, Golf! Tee it Up! Dead Nation, Outland, Resogun and Alienation. Most of them are good, but they are all Indie games. It does seem they are more found of the PS platform since they really haven't made many Xbox games. XBox fans aren't going to be missing much. PS fans didn't miss Max: The Curse of Brotherhood or Ori and the Blind Forest did they?

notachance366d ago

it's this kind of attitude that makes XB fanboys disgusting

MasterCornholio366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

Wishing for the developers to lose their jobs just because they don't make the game for your platform of choice is just sick.

It's your attitude that's poor not the developers.

XanderZane363d ago

Platform favoritism from developers is even more disgusting. Especially when it's a platform that is almost 100% compatible with the other platform you are making the game for. It's just dumb.

I don't care. I'll speak my mind with my wallet. Tired of developers acting like idiots and making snide comments. They can keep their game. Won't but it on any platform.

+ Show (2) more repliesLast reply 363d ago
XXanderXX366d ago

Then I will hold onto my money till theirs an Xbox one S version.

XXanderXX366d ago

What you people act like am supposed to run out buy another platform so to support this studio . Not happening either make an Xbox version or farewell, simple as that .

Ceaser9857361366d ago (Edited 366d ago )

or you could either buy the PS4 or dont play and dont be salty for nothing...

Why o why366d ago

the amount of quality you're missing out on by choice is indicative of you're resistance to the ps4...... One does not usually buy a console for one game alone but a library but yous like you are good at waiting so ......wait

steveo123456366d ago

You in n4g, you must have heard by now it's all about the exclusives