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Destiny 2 - Watch 26 Minutes of Spectacular PS4 Pro Gameplay Showing The Inverted Spire Strike

Destiny 2's Strike The Inverted Spire looks really lovely in plenty of raw gameplay on PS4 Pro.

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Community367d ago
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Sonyslave3367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Idk I can feel like we are being charge 60$ for a dlc.

freshslicepizza367d ago

That's like saying GT6 should have been just dlc for GT5. Personally I think the Xbox 360 and PS3 were holding Destiny back and if they have to make Destiny 2 in order to start on the PC then I am fine with that.

Wasn't Destiny designed from the beginning to have 3 major releases with expansions in between? This is a 500 million dollar commitment, you can't just keep releasing dlc and expect a return on that type of investment. Not when the dlc ratio of those who bought the full game drops the more you release.

Nitrowolf2367d ago (Edited 367d ago )


Well tbf a lot of GT players felt that way to so......

People expected it from the get-go because it's the trend with GT games

343_Guilty_Spark366d ago

Using the same engine @moldyturds

PapaBop367d ago

Lol, I always thought it was a bit odd them doing a Destiny 2 when they could keep pumping out $40 add ons for the original, now we know why they done a sequel.. because they can pump out a $60 add on instead.

Perjoss367d ago

The main reason is D1 is very hard to develop upon, they kinda had to go back to the drawing board so that it could be an engine that was much easier to work with. Heard someone say that some scenes took an hour to open, that's an hour if waiting before you can even start working on it.

367d ago
thisismyaccount367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

Well Guild Wars did that 12 years ago ... for a much cheaper price and it worked out for them (big addons). Visually Destiny 2 looks just "ok" to me ... also what´s up with that "Dishonored Level Venice (italy) " ;P ... even the audience was not sure when to clap, when to cheer or what to do ...

Im not one of those 30mill. reg. destiny 1 players and if Bungies want´s me to hop in they have to deliver/show me more than that. Based on that only the low pc price of the game will make me start playing ... not on my radar for $70.

According to most destiny players, Bungie sucks hard on storytelling ... so was wondering if

A) should i get now destiny 1 for cheap and carry over my items to destiny 2?
b) is destiny 1 worth it for single player/duo gamers that dont give a wet willy/fart about pvp and are more into exploration/world immersion

ninsigma367d ago

As far as I'm aware, none of your items carry over. Maybe armour, I'm not sure so if you're playing Destiny 1 it'll be just to enjoy the gameplay. Story is fairly short and not particularly good. The lore of Destiny is where it's at but those are in grimoir cards so if you wanna know the lore I'd suggest reading up on sites where people have gathered all the lore info (It's actually really interesting imo). Gameplay wise it's one of the best made this gen. It's just really fun to play with great mechanics. If you want it just for the story then I'd say don't bother but if you're gonna do end game content like strikes or raids (if you have enough players to raid) and can get it for a cheap price then I'd say go for it. Otherwise, with Destiny 2 in coming, I wouldn't really bother.

Kokyu367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

No items carry, none not even paid items such as dances moves, sparrows or emotes. There is no reason to purchase destiny and from what Ive seen on console anyway no reason to purchase the sequal either as they basically just downgrade pvp to 4v4 from 6v6 and did nothing visually while make us pay 60$ for DLC content. Everything Smith said has really made me shy away from saying its a purchase for me.

thisismyaccount367d ago

edit: gotcha, thanks for the answer. :)

Nineball2112367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

A) should i get now destiny 1 for cheap and carry over my items to destiny 2?

You can't carry over your items or your characters. It's basically a brand "new" game.

Edit: Sorry, I didn't read far enough to see that you had already been answered.

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GuruStarr78367d ago

Destiny 1 is limited by it's being tied to the legacy systems (360 & PS3).

Having Destiny 2 on only the current gen systems an PC will make it much more advanced in terms of performance, visuals, sound and size of the universe.

Personally, the fact that the planets will be much larger in scope and detail make this a sequel with getting.

Zero_Suit_Samus367d ago

"Destiny 2 - Watch 26 Minutes of Spectacular PS4 Pro Gameplay Showing The Inverted Spire Strike"

Same engine
Still 30fps
No dedicated servers "p2p servers"
Same menus
Looks exactly like Destiny 1
Destiny 2 could've passed as "DLC"

Far from spectacular if you ask me.

krypt1983366d ago

its a new engine devs have stated that numerous time

Tapani367d ago

The game looks good gameplay-wise, nothing special about it, but hey it is an MMO and those are hard to market and take time to sink in anyway! I can understand students and people with super steady jobs and easy routine life to sink their teeth into this. For me gaming is more about less engaging experience where you can put the controller down at anytime and do something else with your children or family after work. Also, this better have a good story, Halo 1 and 2 were something special, Bungie has yet to touch that level of quality again.

(Side note: It would be spectacular if this website would stop using superlatives. Everything is fantastic, great, phenomenal or unbelievable. Journalistic qualities are low when every single article is overly positive. Please just report news with substance and message, and stop trying to shock with every article, it gets very old very fast.)

rebeljoe14367d ago

Doesn't matter if the gameplay is different and the content is worth the price tag now does it

MagicBeanz367d ago

And how many COD new versions/actually just DLC have you bought?

Gwiz367d ago

Yeah pretty much lol.

wsoutlaw87366d ago

its annoying when every sequel people act like they expected some entirely different game in 2 years. this should be exactly what was expected. its a 60$ new version of a game. The way they handled the dlc for the last game makes me refuse to pay full price for this one though.

Ceaser9857361366d ago

Sucks that Bungie is stuck with 30fps on PS PRO :( They could easily get it to 60fps on the Pro...

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masterfox367d ago

lol Bungie has no shame on calling this Destiny 2 that it looks and plays exactly as the first one from years ago.

SirBradders367d ago

I'm sorry but the majority of games plays the same as their predecessor simply because it's the same game but next iteration.

The 10th Rider367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

While I agree with what you said, it's bad in this case because Destiny players had to pour so much money into the game to get enough content for it to even equal a full game, but none of their items or anything carry over whatsoever.

IMO that's a slap in the face to dedicated players. They could have easily used the first game as a base and supported it for the entire console generation. They should have done a PC release, a major update called Destiny "2.0" or whatever, and released an expansion. Even if the expansion was $60 at least everything would carry over. They could even separate the story part of the expansion ($20) from the multiplayer part ($40) or let people purchase them in a bundle ($50).

It doesn't bode well for this type of game when it only lasts 2 and a half years. I know Destiny isn't a full fledged MMO so it's a different case, but World of Warcraft has been using the same game for 13 years. Starting over and throwing away all the investment that people have already put into it is not a good way to sell a game like Destiny.

ninsigma367d ago

I saw screen shots before I watched the reveal and I they looked just like Destiny 1 and then so did the trailers. I'm certain gameplay is gonna be just as fun and great as the first but I am wondering whether if everything that gets added is gonna seem like a splatoon 2 scenario where it could literally just add on to the original rather than a whole new game.

Jmanzare367d ago

Yea Im disappointed it's not a racing Sim now

rebeljoe14367d ago

No it doesn't you fool, maybe if you were there and actually played the game and saw the graphical difference first hand and not through a Youtube converted video you'd know. Not only that the controls have been changed to include a special power move and jumping is now a long hover. HALO was same game pretty much with a new story each time, with some small gameplay changes and no one bitch about that.

MagicBeanz367d ago

I know I think the exactly same thing every time I see video of a new COD, Battlefield, Madden, Forza, etc.

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LAWSON72367d ago

Man I wanted to be impressed by this, but man it looks the same as the original.

Hopefully it reviews well and leaves people with some damn good impressions so I can convince myself to buy it. Perhaps the beta will away me, considering the Destiny 1 beta was pretty much the full game with locked content.

wsoutlaw87366d ago

what exactly were you expecting to see to make you happy though? The gameplay in destiny was always great, so im not sure what you guys thought you were going to see.

corroios367d ago

Its true the game seem without any evolution on graphics, but the first was launched at 2014. This doesnt make sense, because now there isnt the PS3 or 360 version!!! What the hell were they thinking.

Kokyu367d ago (Edited 367d ago )

They were thinking to focus on PC and hope to gain another 30 million players, thats why there is no Ps4 Pro Support. They focused on making the game work on PC in 4k, uncapped and in 21:9. Ps4 Pro can easily handle Destiny at 1080p and 60fps they just dont want to put the time in to do. This also means Scorpio will not see any benefit either which will be a real shame considering that things going to cost major $$$$.