Persona 5 GOTY Contender?

Welcome back to another episode of Pass The Salt, the Internet’s saltiest gaming talk show! Daily Dork's Joe is hours into Persona 5 and so far he’s loving it! Could this be another contender for game of the year or another dead note?

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Protagonist339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Could be even Game of the Decade Contendor.

Edit: 130 hours in and have not even reached the fifth Palace.

BlakHavoc339d ago

Thats practically impossible to do when the game nudges you forward. Unless the time limit they place on missions is just a bluff and nothing actually happens when its reached.

raWfodog338d ago

Well your time within the palaces and mementos is virtually unlimited as you can just keep exiting the levels and return to respawned enemies. So if you wanted to grind out for dozens of hours its definitely possible.

Protagonist338d ago

Nah.. I just know how to play the game. Having played more than 400 hours between P3P and P4G I understand the mechanics. Also I do not particularly grind mementos or the castles but rather make use of every available thing to do in the game. The hardest are the twins.

Here is a pic of my save.

moegooner88338d ago

You could spend 100 hours in the first palace alone, since there is no time limit in the palaces or later in Mementos.

BlakHavoc338d ago


Ah duh, forgot about the time you can spend in mementos and the palaces.

Imalwaysright337d ago

Takemi sells some equipment that regenerates SP. I can stay in mementos/palaces as much time as I want without getting drained of sp or losing the very few itens that give you sp and I'm playing on merciless difficulty. Didn't notice if you have to advance her link to some level before buying them though.

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Protagonist338d ago (Edited 338d ago )


True, but as I said I do not particularly grind. I finish up requests and palaces on the same date I go in and it is just a few hours compared to leveling up confidants etc. I maxed 2 and about to close 5 more. The twins are currently rank 5, but are proving a bit hard, which takes time... fusion etc.

TheOptimist339d ago

EzPzLmnSqz GOTY Contender

Extremely tough to decide between Nioh, Nier: Automata and Persona 5 for GOTY.... Damn 2017.... You rekting my wallet..... Most competitive year since 2011.

Shiken339d ago (Edited 339d ago )

Of course it will be. The winning title belongs to Breath of the Wild however. 😉

BlakHavoc339d ago

The only other game I'd consider my GoTY. BoTW is fantastic!

Protagonist339d ago

Btw. if any of the Daily "Dorks" are reading this. The confidant subject is spoilerish!!! Lets people play the game and let them find out themselves. Kinda spoiled it for me! Knew i should not have watched it... always something smh...

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