Running Crysis WarHead on 14 Graphics Cards - A GeForce GTX 280 delivered more performance than a Radeon HD 4870 X2

The world of high demanding games widens every day. While the level of realism of games rises at a constant rate, graphics card manufacturers have to keep up with providing the powerful hardware support which can enable users to fully enjoy the game play. Both game developers and graphics solution makers have difficult tasks to fulfill in order to raise the performance bar with each and every new release.

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thereapersson3701d ago

I think in another couple months i'll upgrade to a better card, maybe the 9800 or something if I can find a good deal. Hopefully by christmas or new year's, they will have all sorts of sales, so I can upgrade for cheaper than I could at the current time.

JDW3701d ago

Yeah...the gtx280 wins at the lower quality level....but the 4870x2 wins when the game is maxed out.

Look at the two graphs and you will see this.

FordGTGuy3701d ago (Edited 3701d ago )

Good luck trying to buy a single Radeon 4870 for less then $500. I'm buying a GTX 260 that comes with Crysis for free for $260.

Here Is My Computer In A Nutshell:
CPU: E8400 Core 2 Duo
HDD: 1 TB Samsung F1 Spinpoint
RAM: G.Skill 4 GB(2x2 GB) DDR2 800.
Monitor: Acer 22" LCD Widescreen

So far with everything together including non-listed items the computer is $1060~ to build yet out performs the Best Buy's $2000 computer.

EsbenPyrallis3701d ago

Most 4870s are $300 or less. Did you mean the X2 cards?

FordGTGuy3701d ago

The lowest costing Radeon 4870 with 2 GB is $530~

agentace3701d ago

lol that basicly the same setup im using on the computer im building

karlostomy3700d ago

Dude, do some homework before you post

The 4870 is NOT same as the 4870x2
A 4870x2 is basically TWO 4870s on one card, negating the need to SLI/crossfire.

The 4870x2 will run pretty much any game, except crysis, better than a 280.

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Shroomy3701d ago

When ATI wins with Nvidia adds are in the startup, it's a pure c**k slap to the face for Nvidia.

trancefreak3701d ago

lol and for the money i would take the 4870 too. I wish they would benchmark the 8800gtx still so can see where my cards at.

tbh i wouldnt go upgrading my nvidia 8800 gtx still. war head played good on my rig with some tweaks.

moses3701d ago

A 4870 isn't even close to a GTX 280, hell it's out performed by the GTX 260, which is only 220$ on
You must be thinking of the 4870x2 which is 2GPU's crossfired on one card. Which, yes beats a single GTX 280, but costs more, and has two GPU's compared to the GTX 280's one.

Midrange 100~200$ Ati wins with the 4850
Higher Midrange 200~300$ Nvidia Wins with both GTX 260 and GTX 260 216 core
High Range, it's a toss up really, there are so many versions and price variations between the GTX 280 and the 4870X2, it's hard to tell. But the best performer of all being the 4870X2 without a doubt.

Shroomy3701d ago

4870 wasn't spose to compete with the GTX series originally, but it did and in most benchmarks it either equaled or surpassed it, the 4870X2 destroyed them in certain benchies.

ATI are full of surprises lately.

steve30x3700d ago

I had a 4870 which was a fantastic GPU for its price. My problem was as soon as I enabled Anti Aliasing the performance went to the dogs. I sold the 4870 and now have a GTX 280 which I overclocked. This GPU is a whole workld faster than the 4870 I had and I can enable 16x aa in all games. I also had the 4870 overclocked but it was poor with AA enabled.

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