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NES Classic Edition outsold PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in April

Spring is a time for renewal. Just ask Nintendo's bank account.

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Community10d ago
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masterfox11d ago

I wonder if the Playstation was never created...hmmm and there was only Nintendo around, hmm, I think it would be probably just another average toy manufacturer.

CocoaBrother10d ago

Check his comment history. He just trash talks everything that isn't Sony

Eonjay10d ago

Not sure. Its just deserts gor all who doubted Nintendo. The Switch will probably also carry the holiday.

inStereo10d ago

You do realize that Nintendo is 57 years older than Sony, right?

firelogic10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Why is it impressive that a $60 thing outsold a $300 thing? It would have been impressive if the NES Classic was $300 and it outsold the PS4/XB1.

v_eno_m10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

@ firelogic +1 agreed

NeoMagus10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Considering they go for three times or more the price on ebay (check completed listings) if Nintendo would have made the stock don't think it's a hard guess to say ppl would have still bought it

steveo12345610d ago

Bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbut exclusives

BlackTar18710d ago


Are you saying this is somehow reflective of the value of exclusives? So retarded this hits on so many things like nostalgia, awesome tiny nes, collector's value to name a few. If you're going to be sarcastic with your comment then at least provide some substance instead of comparing apples to oranges.

Just a ridiculous comment by you.

donthate10d ago (Edited 10d ago )

Still impressive considering what it is.

However, I thought these were sold out everywhere and production long stopped.

indysurfn10d ago

Good logic if it is not just something your saying because it is convenient.

PS4 cost 249 and SWITCH cost 299. So if PS4 passes SWITCH in sales in the future will you it is not impressive that a 249 dollar thing with no game included outsold a 300 dollar thing with a game included?

Fist4achin10d ago

I dont know what the definitive numbers are, but the amount in stock probably sold out faster,... all two nes classics vs. The ps4 and xbox one stock.

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wannabe gamer10d ago

not really, it didn't sell this much because of anything comparative to other consoles. it sold well cause its a limited time collectors item.

franwex10d ago

Yeah, let's stop making it!

badz14910d ago

Nintendo's logic. and try to find EddieNX and he will definitely says Nintendo made the right call. maybe even the best call they have ever made!

BlakHavoc10d ago

Nintendo apparently dislikes money. Either that or they're trying to make rupees a new form of currency.

dilbig510d ago

Rupee is a form of currency.

indysurfn10d ago

LOL........ummmmmm........Like DILBIG5 said it is a form of currency over a BILLION people use it.

BlakHavoc10d ago

Woooow. Honestly did not know it was Indian money, my bad!

Z5019d ago

Before you commented. You should've googled/bing'd rupees. Would've took seconds.

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rainslacker9d ago

It was obviously cutting into Switch sales, so they had to cut it out of the picture. When those people could no longer get the NES Classic, they'd have to go for Switch.

Nintendo is genius, and this is certainly a master stroke, and their discontinuing it is why the switch is doing so well.

It all makes sense now!!!

/obvious sarcasm should be obvious.


I don't see how this is possible since I can't find one in ANY store in my area or online at a regular price.

NeoMagus10d ago

Final shipments went out about 4 weeks ago , scalpers got most of them.. unless you used a stock site like brickseek or istock and showed up right away youre sol

letsa_go10d ago

I used those sites and never got a notification. haha I just said eff it, got launchbox and all the roms on my PC.

Denny_Crane9d ago

The Walmart near me got 3 in a couple weeks ago. I got lucky they were putting them out when I was there & I got all 3 of them.

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