Have Ubisoft Spoiled Their E3 Conference?

Ubisoft has revealed 4 games days away from E3. Assassin's Creed, The Crew 2, Far Cry 5, and revealing South Park The Fractured But Whole's release date of 10/17/2017. My Xbox and Me Host Correy and Co host Joseph, discuss whether announcing games before E3 take all the fun away from having a press event, and much more!

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-Foxtrot309d ago

Pretty much

Only thing they'll try to wow us with is the next new "multiplayer-online focused" game which we'll not see until late next year.

daBUSHwhaka308d ago

Really hoping for a splintercell announcement...

boomtube1987308d ago

Its likely another action shooter Splinter cell that killed the franchise.

lelo2play308d ago

Ubisoft would surprise the crap out of me if they presented at E3, Beyond Good and Evil 2.

DillyDilly308d ago

But we have seen so much of South Park already Im tired of this being at E3s

Jakens308d ago

I'm watching their conference. I'm excited for two of their games. The Crew 2 being one of them.

Jakens308d ago

I listened from 11:33 to 15:30 Mark.

It was ok.