What is SEGA Forever?

Signs of something called SEGA Forever are starting to show up online - but what is it?

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ruefrak342d ago

How about a retro console, kind of like the NES Classic but with the ability to play Master System, Genesis, Saturn, and Dreamcast games? Oh, and you can buy more games later on. Maybe something like a Virtual Console box but just without Nintendo. Hell, throw in Turbo Graphix and Neo Geo games as well.

It probably isn't that at all, but a SEGA kid can still dream.

rainslacker341d ago

Would love an official console which actually played the real games. NES Classic was a cool looking console, but the pre-determined games were just a bust for someone like me who has hundreds of NES carts. Not that I would mind if they included those, but putting in a way to play the original games would be cool too.

Granted, the cost to include a CD drive and cart reader would likely not make sense since it would increase the price of the console itself, and it's hard to say if the collectors market would be big enough for something like this to make up the lost sales of the casual or nostalgic players that picked up the NES Classic.

Anyhow, Sega has had SMS and Genesis licensed systems like the NES classic forever. You can buy them at GameStop, Amazon, or Walmart, and they're plastered all over Ebay/

8BitSoul342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

You could almost say that one can dream... cast...


OK... I'll go sit in the corner now.

All jokes aside though. I would love to see a collection featuring some of their Model 2, 3 and Naomi arcade games. Considering how many games they created for those boards that never saw a console or PC port, it sure would be great to finally be able to get our hands on some of those titles!

steveo123456342d ago

Until that day there's always the emulation scene.

porkChop343d ago

I'm thinking it's a streaming service for their classic games.

Apocalypse Shadow343d ago (Edited 343d ago )

It would be an interesting move made by them.

Sega Channel=Sega Forever...????

The original creator of the online gaming service. A service with now the ability to do multiplayer online that the service didn't do on Genesis. Accessible on all consoles and PC. With games spanning from The Master System all the way to current consoles? Forever meaning the games are now digital and can potentially be around *forever* on the internet?

No? Then I'll just take the Sega rebranding with a remaster or remake of Skies of Arcadia and a side of Streets of Rage please.

Fist4achin342d ago

I could see that. It would be a smart move on their part since all the other bigger developers have their own form of a season pass or member exclusive.

They should have called it Ages...

Fullmetalevolust342d ago

I'd get on board for Sega Saturn games alone and if they add Dreamcast games, I am sold!
Emulating genesis games and streaming them would not appeal to me bc of how prevalent and available these games are.

Einhander1971342d ago

Yes one can dream, sega are forever in my eyes:)

SideNote342d ago

From the comments, I so would buy a Sega box to play everything Sega made. May have to purchase every game, but id so be in for that.

GrimReaperGamer342d ago (Edited 342d ago )

I'm really hoping that Sega will rise from the ashes and create another console. As a lifelong Sega fan, I want them to reclaim the glory they once had back during the Sega Genesis days.

I'm personally not a fan of digital media, so I wouldn't be overly thrilled if this ends up being a streaming service. However I would definitely make an exception this 1 time and support Sega in every way possible if they end up going the streaming service route.

I'm hoping deep down though that they are attempting to get back in the console business and would love to see them return in 2020. That would give them 3+ years to create a ton of games with the great IP's they have, along with making a brand new console :)

Long live Sega

rainslacker341d ago

It would be a very interesting move, and can't even imagine what the console wars would be like if we had 4 major competitors. I'd also like to see if Sega still has the console clout they used to have. I know there are lots of hardcore gamers which would absolutely love it, but that doesn't mean the mass market would be as willing to give them a look.

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