‘Arms’ Might Be Nintendo’s Most Crucial Game Of The Year

Arms was recently giving its own Nintendo Direct presentation, providing new details about the upcoming game. With Nintendo giving it so much attention, could Arms be the most crucial Nintendo game of the year?

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JayPi3573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

I think it's interesting to think that Nintendo has multiple potential game of the year contenders coming out this year. Breath of the Wild, ARMS, Splatoon 2, Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (if we can include that), Super Mario Oddessy which looks to be the best 3D Mario Platformer since the 64 days, not to take anything away from Galaxy series or the Wii U/3DS games either. Not to mention Xenoblade Chronicles 2 (in japan) as well as various 3DS titles which will be very good but probably overshadowed by AAA releases.

I would say ARMS may be the biggest sell for the Switch's Joycon controllers, the game is probably where you'll see the most practical in game use for them, outside of Snipperclips. I would imagine their most crucial game would be Super Mario Oddessy, but ARMS along with Splatoon and Mario Kart 8 will definitely gauge interest in the Switch's multiplayer capabilities.

superchiller573d ago (Edited 573d ago )

None of those games are going to draw in a wider audience than the usual Nintendo fans. I think Arms looks like an arcade-oriented boxing game (yawn), Splatoon has always looked dorky, BotW's cell shaded graphics are boring, and MK8 is past history (never cared for any of the Mario Kart games). And SM Odyssey isn't interesting unless you're a big Mario fan.

And this is the problem with Nintendo; they aren't appealing to gamers beyond the usual diehard fans. Besides a few indy games, the Switch will mainly get firstparty Nintendo games, and not much else. Not a recipe for success at all.

EddieNX 573d ago

Your opinions on everything Nintendo are just awful. Super Mario Odyssey isnt interesting??? Yh, okay....

Outlawzz573d ago

Lol this guy is like the coolest guy in the world. Trust me I know im cool as well. I like your point on Splatoon being dorky looking, that alone is reason enough not to play a game. Arms being a game that looks like an arcade boxer ? Definitely a no go on that one as well. Your right about Mario too, I mean a plumber in 3d ? Nintendo get out of here with that kiddy stuff man. Give me some adult content please lol

Sitdown573d ago

Please explain how my 4 year old is a die-hard Nintendo fan. Because he enjoys video games, he would sometimes mess around with the Wii U at Best Buy; as a result of him enjoying driving games, he would often get time in with Mario Kart. As a result, I purchased a Switch and Mario Kart for him. But let's just be honest, no matter what Nintendo does, you would come up with a lame explanation to knock it.

tactfool28573d ago

Most crucial thing for Nintendo this year.... Fix the left Joycon lag, then ARMS might be fun.

superchiller573d ago

The joycons should have had a physical connection with the Switch, rather than wireless. Another blunder in the design of the system.

Outlawzz573d ago

I agree bro. The joycons actually should have had a connection to your body to make it really track motion. Maybe like a cord that wraps around your torso all X-Men like or maybe have a patch you stick onto your skin all like hospital like .

deafdani572d ago

Holy shit, I know you're a bona fide hater, but that idiocy you just posted is just on another level. You can't be serious... you just can't.

EddieNX 573d ago

They fixed it straight away.

EddieNX 573d ago

The issue is no more, it only affected a small percentage of launch units, no new Switches will have the problem.

deafdani572d ago

Already fixed, bro. And it was a very small percentage of Switches that got this issue, this wasn't that widespread.

tactfool28564d ago

Bullshit. I've had two systems so far, both had the same issue. Thousands of youtube videos talk about the issue still.

I dare you to try the left joycon control wireless about 6-10 feet away from the console on Mario Kart. You let me know how well you drive.