The 10 most influential handheld games consoles

From Mattel’s 515-byte Auto Race to this year’s game-changing Nintendo Switch, here are the portable gaming devices that have pushed things forward

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Tetsujin395d ago

I'm surprised Sega Nomad didn't even make honorable mention.

meganick395d ago

I know. It was basically the Switch of the 90's. You could even hook it to your TV.

Trekster_Gamer395d ago

I know the battery life was horrid but I friggin loved the Atari Lynx. It was a powerful system for it's time.

_-EDMIX-_395d ago

For Switch "concept to provide a genuinely portable home console experience" could say the same thing for the PSP ala 2004.

How can something be on a list of "influential" that just came out? I don't think they know what that word means lol

So lets just pretend that this didn't happen or ?

I mean....I'd argue PSP is more "influential" if the Switch's mean concept is something that was already done by the PSP as an add on.

As I'm 100% sure in 2004 the PSP was playing console level games for that time and I'm 100% sure they released many accessories that allowed you to play them on TV and with a controller.

If PSP3 comes out tomorrow and its playing PS4 level games and once again has the cradle, but this time is added in for free, is that copying Switch or is that simply just releasing a PSP the same way PSP came out during the PS2 gen?

PSP was more powerful the PS2 in most areas, played PS2 level games, can out to the TV, can use a regular controller.

Would we REALLY be saying they are copy Nintendo for a thing the already did?

Consider they'd just call it the Cradle 3.... or something lol

I mean, you folks are trying really hard to pretend this isn't the same situation conceptually as PSP.

Fist4achin395d ago

Nintendo could never do wrong. The psp was so far ahead in its time that many fail to recognize the powerhouse that it was. Funny thing is that, i love my vita for all the new experiences it has brought, but i feel like it took steps backwards in some aspects. I would support another psp or vita.

_-EDMIX-_395d ago


PS Vita just missed the mark is sooooo many areas. The memory cards, the lack of outing to the TV. I mean, PS Vita has a cradle for charging and adding media etc, but not for the tv, even though PSP does.

One of the reasons why I got PSTV instead. Cheaper, got to play some Vita games on the TV with a controller etc.

I feel with PSP 2000, 3000, PSP GO etc, those features should have remained in terms of accessories with outing to the TV and using a controller etc.

Most folks don't want to give this company their due respect to what the PSP was in 2004. For us to have a 1.1 comparison, the PSP in 2017 would have to be stronger then the PS4 in MOST areas and be playing PS4 level games to the point where they are not even noticed which is which. Thats the way it was with God Of War, GTA, KH etc

Secondly, if they simply added the cradle or a cord to out to the TV while having the PSP Go feature of using a controller, it would be what we are seeing with the Switch.

Could we REALLY say the 2017 PSP Hypothetical is copying the Switch when all those features where already done with their past handhelds? Its hard to say a system is "influential" when the bulk of its features can be found else where as far back as 2009.

Switch may have packed it in, but its far from the first time anyone has seen such a feature.

Kallisti395d ago

The PSP was an really good on its own but when you added custom firmware you could turn it into an awesome portable emulator machine too. Used to play games like the original Marvel vs Capcom on it.

_-EDMIX-_395d ago

DAT HOMEBREW! Good times.