LittleBigPlanet Beta: First Impressions from FeedOnPS3

FeedOnPS3 gives their first impressions on the recently released, LittleBigPlanet Beta.

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strotee3701d ago

1. A lot of tutorials - they won't let you add certain things to your levels without going through a tutorial first. If anyone knows how to get everything without going through a tutorial, please let me know.

2. For a 900MB file, there's a lot to it. It must have uncompressed to a few GB, otherwise, wow, that's some serious compression.

3. Don't get into Create Mode before you need to go somewhere. You'll lose all track of time. I literally spent 3-4 hours on a level that's a joke compared to the built-in levels, would take seconds to finish but still took most of the afternoon. As cliched as it sounds, the sky is the limits with what one can do.

4. It's fun to scour the game's globe and play people's levels from around the planet.

5. You can be a "leader" and have people online "follow" you from level to level. I was shocked when after completing one level they transported with me to my "pod". They just wait around in the "pod" while I choose the next destination and tagged along as soon as I choose the next destination.

6. I hope it's a bug, but removing the jet pack is almost impossible. I literally shook, twisted, and flipped my sixaxis controller in a zillion directions before it "let go" of the jet pack. I must be an idiot.

In conclusion, I pre-ordered the game today from Gamespot (yay, Kratos), this game is THAT good.

Asphyxiate3700d ago

Cool thanks man. Always good to hear from people in the beta and what they think. I am hoping Monday I may finally get a key after all my effort to get in the past week.

thereapersson3700d ago

Only a few more weeks to go!