Are Valve and Steam Helping PC Gaming or Hurting It?

Valve has established itself as the dominate force and distribution method for PC gaming, but is this good for the PC game industry, or for gamers themselves?

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bovandy189d ago

Helping and it's not close

blu3_puls3189d ago

What's with all these articles about valve and steam today? Did I miss something important?

Razzer189d ago

Was wondering the same thing....

Timesplitter14189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Someone made one article about it and then all these other vultures saw the clickbait potential of it and jumped on the occasion

Steam has been a saviour for PC gaming. This isn't even debatable

morganfell189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Yes. It is a push by people that want Valve's business. So the first thing you do is pay astroturfers to sew a seed - in this case it was Polygon. Then you get unwitting help from moronic sites that want to jump into the fray in order to get a click. They do not see nor do they care that they are being used.

It is articles like these that make me miss the ability to downvote some idiot website.

notachance189d ago

Polygon strikes again, and there's a good chance it's a company we're familiar with if it's Polygon

seriously, steam plays major role in decreasing piracy and the blooming of indie scene, it has some flaws true, but everything that exist in this world do. If anything these turd websites making these articles is the one hurting the game industry.

morganfell189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Steam has been one of the saviors of PC gaming. They have received and will continue to get plenty of my business.

And yes, Polygon and similar sites are the succubi, the leeches of the game industry.

Brave_Losers_Unite189d ago

Valve can suck it. They no longer create games and only sit on their ass releasing skins for their games

Timesplitter14189d ago

Their contribution with maintaining Steam is infinitely more important than them making another game

DevilOgreFish189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Well, Valve could also have a special team for handling the online service and then have a special game development staff for making games. food for thought.

jznrpg189d ago

Maybe both, they do have a monopoly which is never good

morganfell189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

If they have a monopoly it is because other companies were incompetent and were only interested in a single publisher's monopoly. People that do not work in the gaming industry have no idea what a sweet deal Valve offers for Teams to test and publish their games.

TheColbertinator189d ago

What monopoly? Origin,uplay,amazon,gog,greenm angaming,retailers and Win10 all keep the market competitive and vibrant.

Princess_Pilfer189d ago

Value holds the overwhelming majority of the market and you know it. Steam can and does basically just ignore it's competitors because it's so far ahead it has no reason to pay attention. The only one close enough to even see Steam (way off on the horizon) is EA, and that's mostly because everything on Orgin is exclusive to Orgin so you don't have a choice.

Pandamobile189d ago

Do you know what a monopoly is? Steam has tons of competitors, but they still control the marketshare because Steam is more of a community than the others. Steam has been my main form of communication with IRL and gaming friends for almost 10 years.

morganfell189d ago (Edited 189d ago )

Steam is one of the best things to happen to gaming in general and PC gaming specifically. No one else got off their ass and created a community and fixed matters so Valve did it. Were it not for Steam I seriously doubt companies like Relic would have done what they have for older DoW games and CoH titles. Steam has been getting my business and thanks to Shield TV will get even more in the future.

KwietStorm189d ago

lol popularity =/= monopoly

Cobra951188d ago

They don't have a monopoly. Since reentering PC gaming late last year, Steam is responsible for less than half of the games I've gotten (other services being Uplay and GOG). That will probably change in Valve's favor as time goes on (because they do have a majority), but the point is that there is healthy competition. As long as PCs remain open (beware of Microsoft's push toward their store and apps), the user will always have a choice.

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Kun_ADR188d ago

And i guess you think Game For Windows and Windows Store are the two saviors of PC games.

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